2015 Book Challenge

Hey guys! I’m going slow with my reading challenge this year. The goal is two books a month, plus a few extra. I’m only participating in the Goodreads challenge this year, but I’m really excited to get back into reading again.

*Click here to access my completed book list for these challenges*

2015 GoodReads Challenge:

goodreads 2015 book challenge drunk on pop

Last year I challenged myself to read 28 books (minimum 2 a month + a few extra) and just barely completed it. This year I’m going a bit further and challenging myself to read 35 books. I was going really well for a few months before life distracted me, so I’m sure I can get it done for 2015! This is with the Goodreads annual reading challenge.

I’m part of several groups on Goodreads, & sometimes they have their own reading challenges. If I participate in those, I will update this page with all information. Any books read for those challenges will count toward this goal. You can click the above challenge picture to access a complete list of all my finished books to date.


Group Challenge #1: “New, New, and New!”

adults who read YA goodreads book challenge

This is my first Goodreads group challenge that I am participating in this year and it is hosted by the Goodreads group Rated YA-MA. It is running from January 1st – March 31st. The rules are simple. We must choose six books by authors that we have never read before. Each book must be at least 150 pages. We can substitute (only once) for an author we have read before. All books must be rated YA, with one non-YA exception permitted. Each book read for this challenge will count for my 2014 Goodreads challenge. You can view my current picks for the challenge below. View my challenge progress here.

rated ya-ma "new, new, and new!" group reading challenge goodreads drunk on pop

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