Drunk On Pop is currently taking submissions for featured posts. If you would like your book, music, film, or other project to be featured on the site please send an email to with the subject line “SUBMISSION: YOUR NAME/PROJECT”. Emails sent without this subject will often times get overlooked.

Be sure to also include the following: 

– Direct link to your work. This is a site where I can listen to or view your work without having to download anything.

– Any visuals that accompany your work. Album artwork, movie poster, book cover, etc. (We will use these in our post.)

– Include any other information that you would like included in the post such as a short bio, release dates, etc. Anything relevant that you want included.

– Links to official website, social media accounts, and where my readers can download/buy/find your work.

I check my email daily and while a featured post is not guaranteed, I will respond to every email I receive.

Please note, a submission sent in missing any of the required information will often times get overlooked. We use this information to make sure your project will be a good fit for our audience, and immediately start crafting the post once accepted.

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