Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Drunk On Pop!

happy new year drunk on pop

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely and safe night. I worked until 9pm, came home and tried not to fall asleep for 2.5 hours, video chatted my best friend and then went, “Oh shit! It’s 12:01! I missed it completely….” I feel like as you get older the excitement surrounding these holidays dulls or fades away completely. Nothing ever feels different come January 1st anyway.

Personally, I don’t indulge in resolutions. I never stick to them as it is, and really what even is a year? It’s just a bunch of little moments added up so, like, maybe I should just start being a “better me” at any point I feel motivated lol. If you ARE into resolutions, let me know what they are (and, good luck!). If I WERE to make a resolution (or a list of them, even) it would probably look a little something like this:

1. Actually get my roots redone so I stop bitching about it
2. My fitbit fell behind the bed and I’ve been too lazy to go get it.
Get the damn fitbit, Rae.
3. I made a to-do list like, 4 months ago and never looked at it again.
I should probably look at it, huh?
4. Write in my journal once every day. When that never happens.
At least try to do it once a week.
5. I don’t know… I just like things to be in 5’s.

On a blog note, thank you all for making 2014 Drunk On Pop’s best year! In case you missed it, I finished my 2014 book challenge (just barely, I might add) and have just started the 2015 book challenge. This year I’m aiming for 35 books read, which is 7 up from last year. At one point I was super ahead of the game before I fell behind, so I think it’s doable! I don’t know how some people manage to get 100+ books done over just the course of a year!

As always, feel free to email me if you need/want anything. I’m really looking forward to 2015, not just for me but for Drunk On Pop too!

xoxo, Rae.

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