Happy New Year! (2016 Update)

It’s a new year, so I should probably have some resolution or something but I don’t. Drop in to a get a 2016 Drunk On Pop update instead!

happy new year drunk on pop

Well, 2015 is finally over! Good riddance, right? I feel like it was universal that pretty much everyone was having a rough 2015, so I’m hoping that this year ends on a more positive note. As I write this post I’m listening to the Best Of David Bowie playlist. I woke up today to the devastating news of his passing, and I’ve been attempting to celebrate his musical life. I also really wanted to watch Labyrinth, but it’s not on Netflix, and I feel like that is a dirty shame.

david bowie changes michele rosenthal illustration

Artwork cc: Michele Rosenthal

Speaking of Netflix, everyone and their mother’s mothers are obsessed with Making A Murderer right now. Great debates are happening across America over whether or not Steven Avery is innocent, and whether or not the great state of Wisconsin is framing him for a murder he claims he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham, the Teen Mom everyone loves to hate, are really digging their claws into each other via social media. The Golden Globes were last night, and Leonardo DiCaprio won and thanked the Indigenous People in his speech (as he should). Really pulling for an Oscar speech this year, Leo!

Last year I made some faux resolutions, because I am not a resolution making kinda gal. Let’s check in on them, shall we?

1. Actually get my roots redone so I stop bitching about it
2. My fitbit fell behind the bed and I’ve been too lazy to go get it.
Get the damn fitbit, Rae.
3. I made a to-do list like, 4 months ago and never looked at it again.
I should probably look at it, huh?
4. Write in my journal once every day. When that never happens.
At least try to do it once a week.
5. I don’t know… I just like things to be in 5’s.

That post was made on January 4th, 2015. So how did I do? Number 1 on the list – I finally got around to that at the end of March, and then again at the end of August. Number 2 didn’t happen until the end of October when I finally had to move (oh yeah! ps. I moved to Atlanta with my best friend!) Number 3 did not happen, but I did buy a planner in July and so far that is kind of working out. As for number 4…. my last entry in my journal is from January 13th, 2015. So. Yeah.

As for this year? Well, I moved to Atlanta at the end of October and I still have two boxes sitting on my patio so…. I should probably do that. I also really want to get back into blogging full throttle, especially posts about what’s going on in the pop culture world. I also want to read a page a day of Demi Lovato’s book, Staying Strong. It’s an inspiring book with positive quotes, affirmations, and daily goals for each day of the year.

demi lovato staying strong book

I also received a free copy of Design The Life You Love by Ayse Birsel from Blogging For Books. It’s a guided journal that urges you to set aside at least 20 minutes a day and helps you live each of those days creatively. The book features pages for ‘playfulness’, spots to draw and write about your heroes, and great writing prompts. The book is quite a bit wordy for a journal, and a bit more geared for designers than anyone else, but still a great way to start the year off on a positive foot.

design the life you love ayse birsel guided journal

Oh yeah, I also got a maxi dress back in May to wear to my brother’s graduation and I still haven’t gotten it hemmed so I should like…. probably do that at some point. And make an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. Yeah… maybe… someday….

Anyway, on a blog note, thank you all for making 2015 a great year for  Drunk On Pop! In case you missed it, I super failed my 2015 book challenge and have just started the 2016 book challenge. This year I’m aiming for 30 books read, which is 5 less than my goal last year, although 8 more than I actually read. At one point I was super ahead of the game before I fell behind, so I think it’s doable! I don’t know how some people manage to get 100+ books done over just the course of a year!

As always, feel free to email me if you need/want anything. I’m really looking forward to 2015, not just for me but for Drunk On Pop too!

xoxo, Rae.

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