How to Feel Fit and Fabulous Without Joining a Gym!

Going to a gym takes time, money and motivation that not all of us have. Come learn how to feel fit and fabulous without spending a monthly fee on a gym you’re probably only going to go to once.

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When you think about losing a little weight or boosting your fitness levels, your first thought is probably signing up to a gym. And gyms can be great, these days there are plenty of budget companies available, there’s usually always one local and many are open twenty-four seven. They have lots of different pieces of equipment so whether you want to work on cardio, strength or smash particular goals it’s easy to do in on place. However, the gym isn’t for everyone. Many people can find them a little intimidating, and on a hot day they can feel a little cramped and sweaty. While there are budget gyms out there, there are certainly cheaper (or free!) ways to get fit which will suit you better if you don’t have much money to spend. Here are a few ideas for other methods for getting fit if the gym isn’t on the agenda.

Go Hiking or Biking

If you love the outdoors and getting some fresh air revitalizes you, then hiking and biking are both great options. Once you’ve invested in the initial hiking boots or bicycle then after that, exercise is free. If you live in a scenic part of the world it’s a fantastic way to see some sights and get some fresh air, you could even bring your dog or family along with you. Even if you live in a busy city, chances are there will be a large park, woods, fields or rivers not too far away so you might have to drive or get a bus first and then go on your adventure from there. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, it’s great for weight loss and tones up just about every muscle in the body – particularly the legs and backs. Biking is a low impact activity and is great for cardiovascular health as well as improving muscles in the legs and gluts.

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Take up a Sport

Team sports are a great way to socialize with friends or meet new people. Basketball is a fantastic way to get you running around and if you have an outdoor court near you then it’s free to play. Invest the right footwear like some nice red 11s and a basketball and from there you’re good to go, call up your friends and get them to meet you for a game or sign up to a team at a local sports centre. Football, tennis, badminton, squash – there are lots of options for single, double or team sports depending on what you’re after.

Try Yoga or Swimming

If you’re particularly unfit (no shame girl, same) the idea of huffing and puffing doing a high impact or energetic activity can be off-putting. It can also be a little dangerous, as if your body has grown weak through lack of activity it’s easy to cause strains, tears and other injuries. One thing you can do here is start with something that’s less strenuous – yoga and swimming are both great choices. While you will get your heart rate up, there’s no running around or pouring with sweat, you can build up a foundation level of fitness and strength and go from there. Even if you’re already very active, these kinds of activities are great for adding into your routine for strength and added flexibility.

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