Playing To The Masses: Effective Ways To Promote Your Music

When you’re an aspiring musician, the most important thing is getting your music heard by an audience. To do that, you need to learn how to promote your music. Stop by to learn the most effective ways to do just that!

Playing To The Masses- Effective Ways To Promote Your Music drunk on pop banner guest post

Breaking into the music scene is tough unless you’re prepared to possibly lose face on one of the many tv talent shows that are always hitting the airwaves these days. There are other ways to get your face and music shown, and they may just lead you down that road to fame and fortune you have been striving for. Consider the following.

Play for free!

When you’re just starting out on the music scene, don’t expect to earn the big bucks when gigging it. Instead, look at the venues (bars and clubs) local to you, as well as other events and festivals, and offer your talents at no cost to the promoter. You may be able to score a few drinks from burgeoning fans, and you could always make a bit of money back by plugging your merchandise. Besides, even if you don’t make a dime, you will have the experience and the start of a reputation to lift you in your career.

Network With Other Artists

Particularly when you’re not very well-known in the industry, it can be tough to get a gig. Therefore, get yourself over to gigs performed by those with a little more experience than you and ask them if you can play a set at one of their performances. As the warm-up act, you will get the exposure you’re looking for, with the extra credibility that comes with being associated with the main act you are supporting.

Get Your Music Online

There are loads of ways you can get your music online. Some of the popular places include SoundCloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp. If you have created a music video for your song, you can also upload your work onto YouTube and Vimeo. Post links to your music on your website, or add your videos and mp4’s (check out the youtube to mp4 converter) on your site pages and link them across all of your social media channels.

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Connect To Your Fanbase

By playing gigs and posting your music online, you will grow a fanbase that enjoys your sounds. Ask permission to store some of their details, such as through email and social media, and let them know about any developments in your life, from the latest song or music piece you are working on, to where you are playing your next set of songs. Reward them with the occasional freebie, such as a piece of merchandise or a sneak preview of your latest work, and encourage them to share word of your talents across their own networks of friends.

Promote Your Shows

You want people to attend your shows, so you need to let them know. As well as going through your social media networks, you should also advertise yourself the traditional way, in newspapers and industry magazines, as well as dedicated promotional sites, such as Bandsintown or Songkick. Don’t forget to get a shout-out on the radio as well, or any regional television programmes that promote local people and events. The more people who hear about you the better.

Approach Radio Stations

Getting them to give your name and gigs a shout-out are one thing, but asking them to play your music over the airwaves is another. From local radio stations to an internet radio service such as Pandora, you are guaranteed a lot more exposure to people outside of your regular connections and fanbase if you submit your music through these popular channels.

We hope these ideas have been useful to you. Provided you do have talent to begin with, it is only right that you share those talents with others. In the process, you may make valuable contacts to help give you the platform you need in the music industry. Good luck!

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