5 Reasons Why It’s Important For The Self-Employed To Take Breaks

When you work a 9-5 job you’re allotted time off, whether that’s lunch breaks or sick days or even vacation time. But for the self-employed, it’s harder to give yourself time away from your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should allow yourself some time off.

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Unfortunately, for many business owners, it is all work and no play. If you burn the candle on both edges, your health – mental or physical – will suffer after a while. This is why you need to dictate your own work-life balance and make sure that you are getting enough rest, allowing your body and mind to regenerate. Below you will find a few areas you should focus on if you would like to improve your productivity and health.


Whatever your job is; whether it is physical or mental, you will need to get out of the rat race sometimes and noticing the little things that are around you and can make you smile. You can simply take on meditation, start your day with a mindfulness session, or engage in reading or spending time with your loved ones, your pets, or in nature. You will have to focus on things in your life that are not related to your business or the ideas you have floating in your head. Mindfulness might give you the clarity of thought that can transform your business.


If you can focus better on your work with your favorite music along the way, you should do so. This is one of the greatest perks of working for yourself is that you can choose what to listen to, when to work, and what environment you create. If you know that music can improve your mood and productivity, you should certainly use it as a therapy during your work day.

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Regular Breaks

It is important that you don’t work all day without stopping. When you are an employee, you have regular or scheduled breaks, so why would you disadvantage yourself and deny yourself the right to rest and take a step back? You can use simple methods, such as the Pomodoro app to reward yourself with a break after working hard for a set period of time. You should always break down your workday to smaller sessions, so you can schedule your tasks better.


If you don’t reward yourself for your hard work, nobody else will. That is why you need to set small manageable goals and reward yourself. Whether it is a game on Slotathon.com or a day off, you can make the most out of your celebration. If you have the space in your office or home, you could also set up your own entertainment room where you can escape to release stress.

Walks and Exercise

If you would like to clear your head and get back to work or your desk refreshed, the best way to do this is going for a walk in the local park or doing some outdoor exercise. Whether you are a yoga fan or enjoy your time at a local tai Chi group, you will certainly see the benefits of exercise in just a few weeks.

Making the most out of your productivity doesn’t mean that you have to work every minute sent to you. Learn to take a step back and you will feel better and think clearer.

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