The Top 4 Most Heartbreaking TV Breakups And What They Can Teach Us

Breaking up is hard to do! Especially when you have to watch your favorite tv couple end things before your very eyes. Good news? Their heartache can actually teach us some things. 

The Top 4 Most Heartbreaking TV Breakups And What They Can Teach Us drunk on pop guest post drunk on pop banner

It’s as much a part of fiction as it is real life. Relationship breakdowns occur for so many different reasons, from money problems to personality clashes. When we see so many couples in fiction that are supposedly perfect for each other, is there anything they can teach us about our own relationships in life? Let’s look at some famous examples and break them down.

Ross And Rachel – Friends

Are any of you surprised to see these guys on this list? The course of true love didn’t run smoothly with these two. In fact, you could say that after divorce, and breakup after breakup, as well as a child being thrown into the mix, we can use these two as the shining example how a relationship has its ups and downs. We can all feel that we’ve had our fill with our significant other. There are divorce lawyers, of course, on sites like if we want to get the ball rolling, but as with any fallout, things can be repaired further down the line. Ross and Rachel were divorced before they got back together, but there are plenty of other people in life who have gone through this.

Ted And Robin – How I Met Your Mother

The other couple that had mutual friends caught in the middle, Ted and Robin were a romance of many ups and downs. It had people guessing until the very end what had happened, and while we won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, the fact is that it forced the other friends to pick sides. This is something that we shouldn’t entertain. But it happens.

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Diane And Sam – Cheers

Oof, this one hurts!! I remember I would stay up late at night watching Cheers reruns on TV Land and fell in love with Sam and Diane! If there was ever a couple that showed how difficult it can be to work with your significant other, Sam and Diane epitomized it. Their relationship was never smooth, as there were countless arguments, and the never-ending debate to the “will they won’t they” scenarios that occurred throughout the show. But, if you ever thought that working with your partner was easy, you may want to think again. On there are some tips for couples who work together, and suffice to say, it’s more work than you think!

Buffy And Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Ok, this isn’t a relationship rooted in real life, and I personally shipped Buffy with Spike, but the vampire slayer/vampire relationship can teach us what it’s like to be attracted to someone who you know is bad for you. And while these relationships can be the most heartbreaking of all because we know, deep down, it’s going to end in tears; we still go with our instincts. And while Angel lost his soul upon consummating his relationship with Buffy, we can look at this as a metaphor for when we give so much of ourselves to another person that we can’t ever love again. It’s something we can struggle to bounce back from.

Relationships in real life can run the gamut of emotions, and while we know that the TV equivalent is a more sanitized version, there are things we can learn to make our relationships stronger! Comment below the tv breakups that upset you most! I think Stefan/Elena are probably on a lot of your lists!

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