Tips For Structuring Your Breaks at Work Properly

To me, the best break from work involves coffee – preferably iced. I don’t know why, but there’s something about the rattle in the cup that makes me feel like I can tackle anything. But what do I do while I’m drinking my coffee? Here’s some ways to make the most of your work breaks.

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No matter what kind of job you work, you’re entitled to take a break! And when it comes to kicking back for a few minutes to relax, nothing beats sipping a cup of coffee while you’re at it. But while you’re taking your break, what are you supposed to do? You don’t want to stay at your desk, or stand around for the whole time, but what else can you do to have a bit of fun at work? Here are some ideas you might enjoy. 

Get a Puzzle Book Out

A puzzle book is a good thing to keep on your coffee table, or in the drawer at your desk, simply because it’s easy to pull it out when you want to take a break and give your mind a breather. Have a pen ready, make sure you’ve got your coffee on a coaster next to you, and just take a moment away from everything else to unwind a little. 

Indeed, doing a wordsearch or a crossword in the short time you have to enjoy yourself ensures your mind stays engaged, but takes a break at the same time – at the very least, you won’t be staring at a screen while you do it! And puzzle books are usually cheap to buy at any supermarket, so be sure to pick up a couple the next time you go shopping. 

Play a Quick Word Game

Word games are great for when you’ve only got 5 to 10 minutes to spare and need a moment to have some fun. And seeing as we’re raised on words and they’re all around us, word games are always incredibly easy to get to grips with! 

There’s no learning curve, and more and more games are taking a more creative approach to throwing these little puzzles at you. Take word cookies for example; free to play, all you have to do is sort out the cookie anagrams to fit into the word list above. You should be able to knock out a couple of levels in one sitting before you’re back to it at your desk! 

Rest Your Eyes

Finally, why not take a moment for yourself during this 5 minute breather? Put your head back on your chair, close your eyes, and do some deep breathing for a couple minutes. In doing so, you’ll help your body and brain to come back together, and you’ll certainly give your eyes a rest from whatever it was you were focusing on. 

That’s especially important if you work with a computer all day long. Looking away from the screen, and preventing eye strain, is a top priority in offices across the globe. The more you can do to get away from sitting down and just staring into the digital world, the better. 

Your coffee breaks might need a bit more structure, but above all else, they should be a break. Take time away and do something different, and have a bit of fun. 

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