Who Said Sports Can’t Be Relaxing?

Not all sports or physical activities have to be loud, on the edge of your seat events. Sometimes they can be quiet, relaxing moments. Stop in and learn how you can exercise and calm down at the same time!

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You might think that the idea of a relaxing sport is crazy, but actually it isn’t. In fact there are plenty of sporting activities that can be good for the body and the mind. If you are eager to de-stress and maybe get in shape at the same time, these are the sports we definitely suggest you try.

Nothing But You And The Road

Running is intense, it’s heated. You’ll definitely build up a sweat if you go on a jog for a few miles. But it’s also relaxing and that’s due to the rhythm. It’s the beat of your feet on the street, the arms swinging in motion as you run across an open road. As well as this, you can feel the air pushing in and out of your lung. Control your breathing and you’ll hear it. In, whoosh, out, whoosh. It’s all very peaceful and while it certainly won’t feel that way the first time, once you reach the one hundredth it definitely will. Stick with this sport you’ll learn to love how it makes you feel.

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The Perfect Swing

Golf is a very quiet sport. You won’t hear much cheering or shouting, even at a tournament. There’s no crowd yelling for their favourite team. There’s no one really there at all. It’s you and the ball and when you hit it just right, wow what a difference it makes. The sound of the ball soaring through the air towards the green is actually rather beautiful. Even a poor shot can give you a sense of relief due to the motion and that swing. It’s honestly a great feeling that you really need to try at some point or another. Of course, a lot of people are going to be put off by the prospect of carrying heavy clubs around. However, there are lightweight golf bags that make this a lot easier and are great, particularly if you have a bad back.

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Swimming is one of the best sports to try if you want to lose those extra pounds. You’ll burn more calories swimming than you will most other sports. But this isn’t the only reason to love taking a dip in the pool. It’s very peaceful and you don’t have to push yourself too far to see results. Even doing a slow and steady stroke like breaststroke will give you the results that you may want. If you want a truly relaxing experience try wild swimming. With wild swimming, you can have a completely clear, crystal like lake or river all to yourself. It’s a truly incredible experience.


Finally, skydiving isn’t a sport to help you burn calories or get in shape. It’s all about the experience and a lot of people think it’s only suitable for adrenaline junkies. It’s not though and actually while the first part is blood pumping, the next is very peaceful indeed. You can see the view from the heavens as you fall softly to the earth gliding down through the sky.

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