Keeping Your Eye on the “Mental Ball”: Using Sport as a Focus Tool

Participating in sports does a lot more than just get your body healthy, it can help keep your mind healthy too. Here are some great ways to use sports to help keep you focussed.

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Sports can be a relaxing pastime, or they can challenge you beyond your capabilities. Sports have a variety of applications in real life, not least when it comes to your focus and concentration. Concentration and focus are invaluable to anybody participating in sports. So let’s show you the best ways to improve your focus, so you can improve your life, all through the medium of sport.

The Best Sports to Improve Your Focus

There are a number of fantastic sports that can help you nurture your concentration. Sports like darts and archery are the best place to begin as they work very well at getting you to concentrate effectively. If you want to learn more about archery, you can go on this archery site to get more insight. The task of sending an arrow to a target 18 meters away is the perfect approach to consolidate any form of concentration. Any slight movement with your arm can send the arrow completely off target. It’s the best way to truly fire up your concentration center.

Yoga is another sport that develops your concentration. It’s fantastic for your body, of course, because it builds muscle and creates flexibility, but it is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Yoga or pilates encourage you to focus on the muscles you are working on. This means that if you have any thoughts that creep in, you need to learn to put them to one side. This, in combination with meditation, allows you to park a thought to one side so you can focus on what you’re doing. When we are looking at improving the mind-muscle connection, sports like yoga and slow-moving exercises focus our attention on the muscles that are keeping us upright. If we didn’t focus on these we would fall over and hurt ourselves. 

Tennis is another sport that is amazing for the body, but it is one hell of a workout for the brain. Andre Agassi said that “tennis is a real mental hell,” and the pressure that comes with getting it right means you’ve got to get rid of any intrusive thoughts. You have to pre-empt any tactics your opponent may have in place, but you’ve also got to deal with your own form on that day. 

Another sport that is amazing to work out your brain is dancing. It fully utilizes every part of your brain. In order to make your moves flow seamlessly, you’ve got to make sure every hemisphere is working appropriately. If you throw into the mix dancing to music, timing becomes another way to focus your efforts. It also helps that it is one of the most strenuous workouts ever because it makes you train muscles you didn’t even know you had! 

And finally, golf is another way to force your body into a strong muscular form. It also demands concentration. Tennis, you’ve got to make sure your form is perfect before you tee off, but also recognize how you should adapt to external circumstances, such as weather conditions.

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How Can You Improve Your Focus and Concentration Like Sports Players? 

There are many strategies used by sports players to improve their focus. If you are struggling to concentrate, you’ve got to try some of the following approaches. 

Using Self Talk

This is something many athletes do. Having positive self-talk helps you to stay grounded in situations. If you struggle to focus, talking to yourself out loud using powerful cue words can trigger a response. If you use cue words related to a sport, for example, the word “balance,” it will remind you to react in a certain situation. Cue words are very useful if you are trying to change a movement pattern.

Developing a Competition Focus Plan

If you are looking to enter competitions, you’ve got to prepare physically, but you should also prepare for how you process the goals, rather than looking at the outcome. This allows you the luxury of mentally rehearsing things. We have to remember that any sport is about the implementation of skill. The same goes with your mindset. 


It’s also important to enhance your abilities to stay calm. Meditation is a state of observation, not falling asleep. This can help you to concentrate, but it is also a wonderful way to improve your mood. 

As you can see, there are many things you can do to help improve your concentration. Sports are a wonderful way to improve your abilities to concentrate on a problem, but if you are looking to improve your mind and your body, you cannot do better than sports.

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