Common Sports Injuries and How to Deal With Them

When you’re an athlete it’s inevitable that you’ll end up injuring yourself in some way, though hopefully some way minor. Here are some of the more common sports injuries and how to get out ahead of them.

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It doesn’t matter what sport you participate in; whether it’s high-energy thrillers or something a little more relaxing, whether it’s recreationally or professionally, you are guaranteed to suffer an injury at some point.

Injuries are part of sports, and there are plenty of reasons you might experience one. It might be that you land incorrectly and twist a ligament, you might not warm up the muscles properly, leading to strains and pulls. Or, you might suffer an injury because of a freak accident that no one could have predicted.

There are many types of injuries you may suffer, but here are the four most common, along with how you can deal with them.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains occur when the foot twists inward, which stretches the exterior ligaments. Compared to other ligaments in the body, these are quite weak, which makes them more susceptible.

Following this sprain, it’s difficult to put a lot of weight on it, and you may need crutches and an ankle support to get around. However, you must also try to use it when you can. Rotating your ankle maintains its flexibility and prevents losing strength. You can also physiotherapy eastern suburbs offer to work on building the strength back up when you are ready.

Hamstring Pull

Hamstring pulls can happen in most sports, but they are most common in sports where you use your legs a lot, such as hurdling or soccer. They heal slowly, as there is a consistent strain on the hamstring muscles from walking or standing up.

Considering they take so long to heal (between six to twelve months), you must make sure to put as little stress on the area as possible. If this means using crutches or even a wheelchair for mobility, then so be it.

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Knee Injury

There are two major knee injuries you may encounter. These are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and patellofemoral syndrome, which is caused by repetitive movement of the knee.

ACL injuries are the most serious and severe of the most common sports injuries. They are nasty and cause a loud ‘pop’ sound when they occur. Much like the patellofemoral, you must be patient when healing, and if you want to return to physical activity, surgery is likely required.

Shin Splints

Found most commonly in runners, shin splints occur from regular running on unforgiving surfaces like pavements. You’ll know you suffer from shin splints from sharp pains in the front of your lower legs.

However, they are not as severe as other injuries, and rest, ice, and painkillers can help you deal with them efficiently. You can also wear compression sleeves and invest in forgiving running shoes to prevent the injury from occurring again.


When injuries are unavoidable, it’s easy to get thrown off your game and struggle to get back to your best. However, while you can’t wave a magic wand and fix your injury then and there, you can seek out ways to get better faster. By understanding what measures you must take, you’ll be back winning medals, trophies, or just having a great time sooner rather than later.

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