Four Walls Driving You Crazy? Start Your Garden

We can all get a little stir-crazy if we sit inside too long. As summer draws to a close, take some time to get outdoors and start a garden, and stop by this post to learn the best ways to being yours!

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Are you utilising your garden? We aren’t talking about growing flowers, vegetables, and all those other things that people who have green fingers do. They are certainly options, and we will consider them in this article, but there is more to do in your garden even without a gardening bone in your body.

In this article, we aim to get you outdoors more, with tips on using your garden for a variety of purposes. And even if you don’t follow these ideas now, especially now Autumn is creeping in (at time of writing), some of these ideas can be put aside for next year.

In the beginning…

For starters, you may need to renovate your garden. Especially if it isn’t fit for purpose, you really do need to get outside and sort out the patch of greenery you have outdoors. A good tidy-up is a start, so get to the bottom of your garden again by cutting a swathe through the undergrowth, mowing the lawn and trimming back your bushes. When you have done this, you should sterilise your soil to get rid of any fungi and pests that may have built up over the year. Potassium Permanganate is great for this; a chemical that is often used for pond water cleaning for golf courses, but also great for disinfecting soil and promoting plant growth. And talking of plants, be sure to add anything that adds to the green aesthetics, finding ideas online if your imagination is running low when it comes to growing your garden.

When your garden is fit for purpose, consider what you might use it for. We have a number of ideas in this article, but remember this is all about you! Are you looking for something to relax in? Or are you hoping to do more with the garden than sitting in a sun lounger all day? It’s up to you, but start to jot down your own ideas, as well as considering the ideas we have below.

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Tips on using your garden:

So, what could you use your garden for? You might…

Create a Haven to Relax in

Staying within your four walls all day can cause you to go cabin crazy, so create an outdoor area that is perfect for your relaxation time, even if you bring your indoor hobbies outside. You can sit with a good book, read your magazines, or set up your craft station; anything that you would normally use to promote your relaxation time. You might even bring your laptop or tablet outside and watch your fave movies and Netflix box sets, but you may need a sun reflector over your screens to help you see more. Purchase some outdoor furniture, with something cosy to sit on, and perhaps a table to rest your drinks on. String up a hammock if you have the space, and drift off to sleep with the sound of nature around you. And perhaps add a water feature or two to enhance a zen-like mood when you’re trying to relax. Do anything to create a space that gives you time outdoors to leave the rest of your daily cares behind.

Use Your Garden as a Business Idea

If you’re looking to start your own business, then you don’t have to restrict yourself to a home office. For starters, consider our steps for setting up a successful business. After all, every great idea needs to start somewhere. And when it comes to great ideas, consider the kinds of business you can start from your garden. Growing and selling your own fruit, vegetables, and flowers is a great idea if you do have green fingers, sticking a sign up outside your fence advertising the produce you have to sell. If you love animals, you could start a poultry farm with a few chickens, or a petting zoo if you don’t mind people setting foot in your garden. You might also create jams with the fruit you grow, make your own compost and sell it to your neighbours or nearby farmers, or rear rabbits and sell them on to pet lovers. There are loads of things you can do, so use our ideas, or research your own online.

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Have a Garden Party

Are you a bit of a party animal? Then throw a party outside, perhaps with a marquee installed in case the weather turns for the worse. Invite the people you love, or get to know your neighbours better by inviting them to a ‘meet and greet.’ Put together a buffet people will love, add in some outdoor games, keep the drinks flowing, and mingle and chat with the guests you have invited over. You might even theme your garden party too, with decor and dress to match, so let your imagination go into overdrive. There are some garden party ideas here to get you thinking, but look at sites such as Pinterest to inspire you further. And who knows? Your garden parties may become the talk of the town, and the highlight of every season!


A place to relax in; somewhere to start a business; or the social hub of the neighbourhood. Your garden can be all of these things, and more. If you have the space outside, and you don’t use it often enough, then consider our ideas and dream up your own. Let us know what you think!

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