This Is How To Truly Appreciate NBA Basketball

With 30 teams and over 80 games per season, the NBA or National Basketball Association is one of the most popular sports leagues there is. Of course, you can only truly appreciate the dedication, and performance of the players and their support teams if you have a good grip on the rules. The good news is you can find a clear rundown of the basics below. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

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The Basics 

An NBA game lasts 48 minutes in total and is made up of four distinct quarters at 12 minutes each. Halftime happens between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. To win the game, one team must have more points than the other. In the case of a tie, overtime will continue until one team scores and exceeds the point total of the other. 

What makes NBA Basketball such an exciting game is that once a team gains possession of the ball they only have a set amount of time in which to score. Usually, this time is 24 seconds, however, this drops to 14 seconds when the offensive team takes a shot that rebounds from the rim. This shot clock can also be stopped for several reasons including scoring and fouling. 

Positions and movement 

Now you know the foundational basics, we can get on to some of the more complicated concepts that real fans like Kevin Burge of North Carolina understand. The first of these is that there are 5 positions in NBA basketball. These are known as Number 1: Point Guard, Number 2: Shooting Guard, Number 3: Small Forward, Number 4: Power Forward, and finally Number 5: Center. 

However, it is worth noting that while there need to be 5 players on the court, not every position has to be represented. Indeed, in NBA Basketball adaptability is highly valued, with one player being able to change positions at any time. 

Substitution is also a common occurrence in NBA basketball and it’s not always related to an injury. Indeed, a coach may substitute a player for their teammate on the bench for a whole number of reasons, including tactical ones. 

How to score points 

Last of all, to truly be the sport of NBA basketball, real fans need to know about how points are scored.  Indeed, there are three ways to score points in basketball. The first is worth a single point and is known as a free throw. A free throw is awarded when a player is shooting and is fouled. 

The next is known as a two-pointer and refers to any successful basket made inside of the 3 point line. Of course, the last is a 3 pointer, where players must score a basket from behind the 3 point line. Obviously, the points available increase as the shots get harder with those taken from furthest away being worth more. 

Final thoughts 

Now, you know the rules of basketball you are free to truly follow and enjoy the game like any other real NBA fan! 

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