Shaq beats Aaron Carter in basketball

Shaquille O’Neal finally got revenge on former child star Aaron Carter!


Hey guys, check it out, guess what happened to AC? Back in the late early ’00s Aaron Carter was pretty much da bomb. (Did we say ‘da bomb’ yet then? Or did that come later?) His older brother, Nick, was 1/5th of the popular boy band Backstreet Boys, and he was a cute little blonde nugget with some great rapping skills. I mean, at least we all thought so. we were like, 10. What did we know? Plus, ain’t nobody do it like Aaron can, remember? Aaron told us all about his crazy house party, how all he wanted was some sweet Candy, and something about our grandmas. But one story that will forever go down in history? The one where he beat Shaq, duh. For those of you living under a rock (or not yet born yet…. I still can’t believe kids born in 2000 are 13 now) let me remind you about how it all went down…

Ouch! Sorry Shaq, you tried.

Sidenote: When this song was first released I was soo confused as to how Shaq’s shadow was 12 foot 3…… I still am not sure that I get it. Is it because shadows are longer than people?

ANYWAY. How cool was (let’s be real, is) Aaron Carter? What other tween could take Shaq on in a game of one-on-one? Name one. I’m waiting. It’s been 12 long years, and a lot has happened, but one thing that’s stayed the same is that Shaq would forever have to live with himself knowing that Aaron beat him at his own sport. Until now. Take a look at the epic Shaq vs. AC rematch below:


YESSSSSS. YESSSSS!!!! I feel like all my little kid dreams have come true. Let’s all take a second to LOL/drool over Aaron calling it a rap song. Adorbs. This was hysterical, and flawless, and whoever came up with this idea deserve an award. All of the awards even!!! I am thoroughly amused.

Don’t forget to check Aaron out on his After Party tour, featuring opening acts Nikki Flores and Petrel. I’ll see you guys at the Jacksonville and Tampa shows. Make sure you come say hi! I’ll be the one throwing various pieces of candy at everyone. Ya know…. since Aaron wants it so damn badly. You can buy tickets to the shows here.

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