How To Make Your Next Move Go Smoothly

Take it from me, moving is a lot of work and is incredibly stressful. No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s always SOMETHING that seems to go wrong. Stop in for some moving hacks that will help your process go a lot smoother.

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First Things First

The minute you know you are moving and have a date picked out make sure you change your address with the USPS and set up your mail forwarding. This will be one less thing for you to worry about later, and you’ll also receive a bunch of coupons that will come in handy. Usually these coupons cover moving supplies, storage options, cable companies, and stores to by home decor or furniture.

Speaking of cable companies, make sure you set up your utilities as soon as possible as well. Make sure they are set to start either the day you move in or the day before if someone doesn’t have to be there at time of service. There is nothing worse than having to move in the dark, or without air conditioning, and you’ll want your internet set up as soon as possible as well. If you’re moving into an apartment complex they’ll most likely want confirmation of all of these set up before giving you your keys, and you’ll save a lot of time if you can send them in to your leasing office before move-in day. Don’t forget renters or home owner’s insurance!

Find Movers

Image Source: Weston Moving and Storage

In all the times I’ve moved (dozens, but at least 5 times in the last two years) finding movers has always been the most stressful part. I’ve done both local and long distance moving, and one of my biggest fears is always how safe will my stuff be? Make sure you really do your research and look up reviews before settling on a company. Check through Google and make sure the reviews are legitimate – did the person that posted only ever review 1 company which is the moving company? Did the reviewer only post 3 reviews and they’re all for moving companies across the country? Check in local Facebook groups or on the Nextdoor app to see if your neighbors have anyone they can recommend.

If you’re in the Florida area, definitely look into Weston Moving and Storage. This commercial mover in Broward County has over 150 reviews and are known for their hard work and professionalism. They offer packing services as well as long-distance moving services, so they’re a great option here locally.

Moving Hacks

Image Source: Between Car Pools

The more moves I do, the more things I learn. If you’re moving locally, do not bother packing your clothes into boxes. Leave your clothes on the hanger, get a couple of garbage bags and use them to fill your clothes into while still on the hanger. Make sure you label all of your boxes, like seriously. I have definitely gotten into the last minute rush and started slacking off on this, and then next thing you know I need something and I can’t find it. LABEL EVERYTHING. This will not only help you find things later, but it will also help your moving company know which room to place everything into.

If you’re doing a long-distance move, make sure you take pictures of everything also. Will your items be in storage? Consider using QR code stickers on your boxes. I’ve used some from ToteScan before, and they worked brilliantly. You stick the QR code on the outside of your box, and later when you’re moved in you can use your phone to see all of the contents of that box. You can add pictures, descriptions, and they’re also compatible with Alexa devices.

Pack a Move-In Bag

I cannot stress this enough. The amount of times I’ve moved in to a new place and couldn’t find the things I needed right away is ridiculous, so please learn from my mistakes. Pack a bag that you bring with you in your car that is dedicated to helping your first day as easy as possible. This will vary a little bit based on your type of move and family. You are absolutely going to need toilet paper and hand soap right away. You’re going to need to bring scissors or a box cutter, and preferably a few because if you’re anything like me you will lose one. Make sure you pack chargers with you, and any equipment you’ll need for your internet and cable if you’re bringing those with you. Make sure you have some water with you, any medication you or your family members take regularly, and you may also want to pack a clean set of sheets and pillows as a just in case.

If you have children you might want to bring some things to help keep them distracted/entertained. Sometimes it’s hard to get your cable and internet set up on the same day, so you may want to bring a board game, some books, or some DVDs – things you don’t necessarily need wi-fi for. If you have pets, make sure their leash is part of your move-in bag along with food, some treats, and a toy or two.

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