5 Reasons To Be Excited About NBA 75

If you’re a basketball fan, you’re probably already excited about the first game happening in just one week! This year is even more special, marking it the 75th anniversary of the NBA! Click in for some reasons why that should excite you.

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The 75th NBA season is almost upon us, with the first game starting on October 19th. The preseason is underway, and it’s always an exciting time to be a basketball fan. Your favorite players are about to hit the court again, and you’re ready for the season to unfold well into 2022. Regardless of where your allegiances lie, there’s bound to be something to get excited about this season. In fact, here’s a list of things to help you feel the buzz:

Same players, different teams

One of the best parts of the NBA off-season is following all the deals that go on between players and teams. Loyal legends sign new contracts to keep them at a team for many more years, but you also get big names switching to completely different squads. After leaving Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019, Russell Westbrook has spent a season at a different team each year. This time around, he’s joining up with LeBron James at the Lakers. For many NBA fans, the sight of Westbrook in that iconic jersey will be very strange indeed. But, it will be very interesting to see how he fits in with the team dynamic as the season unfolds. 

Similarly, it’ll be very bizarre seeing Kyle Lowry playing in a jersey that doesn’t have a Raptor on it anymore. He spent nearly 10 years in Canada but is now swapping Toronto for Miami as he joins the Heat. There are many other swaps around the league, but these two are definitely ones to get excited about the most. 

The GOAT debate

As another season begins, it’s time to start the old GOAT debate once again. Are there any active players that can put their foot forward for being the true GOAT this coming year? A lot of fans always put MJ as the overall greatest of all time, and those fans got even louder after his docuseries on Netflix the other year. The man seemed like he was a different breed to everyone else, and many of his fans point to the physical nature of the league back when he played. The games gone soft, they say, and this adds to his GOAT status. 

Still, it’s always exciting to see what a certain LeBron James has to say about it. Or, will we see another Curry masterclass this season? If he starts sinking threes from everywhere on the court, he might start wandering into the debate by the time he retires. Regardless, it’s always fun to see how fans react to every LeBron mistake or piece of brilliance, it seems that one moment he’s the GOAT, and the next he’s a fraud. Following the ongoing Twitter debate this season will definitely be hilarious. 

Image Source: Pexels

Basketball betting

Whether you agree with it or not, betting is a core part of basketball. It’s an opportunity for fans to win some extra cash or make each game more exciting. With the new season upon us, you get loads of new offers from betting companies around the country, like this BetRivers bonus code. You have to admit, it is fun to have a cheeky bet on who you think the overall winner or top points scorer will be at the start of the season. It makes things more exciting as you’ll see if your small bet will turn into big cash. 

Of course, always bet responsibly and don’t do anything stupid. It’s only really fun if you make small bets that mean nothing if you lose them. Still, having little competitions or bets with your friends is part of what makes the NBA so exciting!

The young guns

As every new NBA season draws closer, we always look to the future stars of our sport to see if the game is in safe hands when the old legends retire. Well, it most certainly is! The biggest young guns to be excited for are obviously Luka Doncic, Zion Williamson, and Trae Young. There are so many other names to also get excited about, but we’re just thrilled to see how they all do. 

Can the young stars live up to their hype? Will there be a complete outsider that rises through the ranks to stardom? It sounds harsh, but even seeing young players have a bad season is weirdly exciting. If you never backed them to begin with, it’s nice to see your call justified. Either way, as the season progresses, we’ll all be keeping an eye on the hottest young players in the league. 

NBA 75

Yes, the final reason to be excited is that it’s the 75th anniversary of the NBA. This is a momentous milestone, and it’s going to be celebrated throughout the season by the league. NBA 75 is much more than just a new league logo – they will have various events and celebrations at different points in the year. For example, there’s going to be a special 75th Anniversary Team unveiled by the NBA. Some of the biggest names in the sport will come together to select the greatest players in league history, putting them in a team for fans – which is sure to cause loads of debate, which we obviously love!

Not only that, but you can expect some new uniforms released by Nike, including a Classic and City Edition for fans to enjoy. We’ll also be getting some special games throughout the season, including an homage to the league’s first-ever game on November 1st. It’ll be between the Knicks and the Raptors, replicating the first regular-season NBA game that was ever played – between the Knicks and the Toronto Huskies in 1946. A few other special games will also be played, so they’re nice to look forward to as well. 

All in all, there’s a celebratory feeling about the next NBA season. It’ll be the first time in the last couple of seasons where we hope nothing will be interrupted, and fans can pack the arenas and fill them with lots of noise. Of course, the thing we’re most excited about is to see our favorite team win!

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