6 Sports Careers You Don’t Always Think About

For some, it’s been a life-long dream to work in the sports industry. The hardest part, is figuring out in which way and how. Here are 6 sports-related careers people don’t always think about.

When you think about a career in sports, you are probably bound to jump straight to thinking about all the athletes that we see regularly. It’s not hard to see why when they are now plastered continuously in the limelight. Becoming an athlete is often the dream for some people however we mustn’t forget about all the exciting, intellectual and demanding job roles that are out there in the sports industry that can regularly get forgotten about and are deemed as the backbone for how the industry runs. Have a look at some of the most forgotten job roles in sports:


Right from school through to the professional teams, a coach is a vital role for any sports team. They are often the glue that not only holds the team together but pushed them to achieve the best they are capable of. They will recognize the team and individual strength and used skills to strategizes against beating the competition. Maybe a little more credit should be given to team coaches.


These are seen as someone to be worried about and also someone to admire. They scoured the country and sometimes worldwide to identify the best talent that there are in different sports. You will typically get scouts that specialize in individual games rather than looking for the skills in a broader range. This is a well-known person, but it’s not recognized as a career by most.


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We all see them running up and down the field or standing on the sidelines watching every inch of the pitch but how often do people stand back and realize that that is someone’s career. It’s a pretty exciting career too! You sometimes get to stand at the sidelines, watch monitor and discipline at even the most famous matches, what could be more exciting than that?


Statisticians are known for being incredible when it comes to mathematics, and their skills can be lost within all the sports stats, But these guys are the reason we have sports stats without hem they wouldn’t exist. In the sports industry, they are responsible for collecting and analyzing data and then interpret this information for easy to understand feedback. They are often trained to degree level.

Sports Psychologists

Yes, there is such a job role. Looking after the mental well being of athletes is highly essential as they are always in a high pressured environment. It’s got to have its strains. They work towards promoting a healthy balance between the mind and the body and primarily work with athletes in demanding roles such as the Olympics. They will look to build a plan with individual athletes to help them learn methods of goal setting and tackling things such as depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem.

Do you have any other sports careers that people may not think about that should of being included in this list? Please share them in the comments section below.

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