How The Smart Gamer Always Wins

Video games aren’t all about bright lights and loud noises. Learn how you can use your intelligence to end up on the top of the gaming community.

People outside of the gaming community, tend to think that video games are all about fancy explosions, bright lights, amazing graphics and overly dramatic storylines. In some cases, yes this is true but the overwhelming portion of the gaming industry is far from that. The smarter you are, the more successful you will become. It’s not uncommon for the smartest player in a tournament to win the championship. It’s not uncommon for the smartest storyline to be the most loved by everyone. The bottom line is, the smarter you play and the smarter you make video games, the higher the possibility that you will succeed and come out on top. But let’s focus on the gamer, because developers and companies involved are complex in their own way. How can gamers be more successful by using their intelligence?

Patterns of opponents

One of the most sought after things of any video game is the ability to study different patterns. If a game is well made it will always have unique tactics and show an innate ability to host the player’s own personality through it’s maneuvers. One of the oldest at doing this is of course Texas Hold’Em. Perhaps the most popular game in all of the card gaming world, it’s offered by all the top ten online casinos. They also have other games you can play but these are more so about chance. Hold’em poker is all about following and noticing betting patterns that your opponents make. Almost always they will have tactics to play their pair of cards a certain way. This is the challenge of the game, to find a way into your opponent’s mind and live there rent free. There’s also a Masterclass that is being taught by Andrew Negreanu which explains all of this in detail.

Going in the lab

Gamers often call the process of getting better at their particular game as ‘going into the lab’. This is a term used in the first person shooter genre, the role-playing genre as well as the fighting game scene as well. It’s something that is easily understood if you can equate it to practicing a sport when you’re a professional. You’re trying to learn different strategies, tactics and strengthen your weaknesses. There are lots of videos made for this very topic so if you are ever wondering how you could possibly break through a talent or skill barrier in your game, then search up this term along with your game title. Also, you can go onto forums and swap opinions for the games you play. This is happening more and more as games are becoming more competitive and expensive because everyone wants to get more bang for the buck and everyone likes to win more often.

It’s not always the person who pays the most for their equipment that wins at video games. It’s often the person who puts in the most amount of time, wants to learn more about the other styles of play and wants to make their own tactics better while offline as well.

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