Not a great athlete? No problem with these sports!

Love sports and want to be a participant but not very athletic? Not a problem with sports like these. Check in for all you need to know!

Not a great athlete? No problem with these sports! drunk on pop guest post banner

The world seems like it has an unhealthy obsession with athletes. I mean, I might not be able to do what Lebron James does, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less important! Let’s face it – some of us, including me, don’t always want to get hot and sweaty when it comes to exercise. Instead, we’d rather take our time and enjoy the experience without bursting a blood vessel. There aren’t many sports that fit the category, but luckily for us, I have found a few examples. I hope you enjoy them as much as I plan to!

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Yep, the world of poker is hitting new heights, and we can be part of the action. All you have to do is sign up for an app and start honing your skills. After hours of online gaming, some of us might even have the skills required to play in the big leagues. If that’s the case, Las Vegas awaits as the City of Sin is the host of the World Championships (where else?). Then, there is the chance to earn a split of the whopping prize money on offer, which was $1,000,000 each for the final table in 2016. Plus, there is the opportunity to meet a celebrity or two. Ok, it might not be physical, but it requires a lot of mental fitness which is as important.

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Unless you’re a professional, it’s doubtful you’ll break a sweat while bowling. I mean, it’s almost impossible – they keep those alleys totally air conditioned! Still, that is not to say that this sport doesn’t help with health and fitness. Bowling promotes aerobic activity, which helps with weight loss when done properly. Say the game lasts for longer than one hour, the bowler will be on their feet and moving for most of the duration. It’s enough time to start burning calories without pushing the body to its limits. I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of exercise! Do it two or three times a week for the best results. Or, if you’re just there for the competitive nature, bowling alleys have some of the best snack bars we’ve ever encountered!

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Thank God for nerds! Finally, someone has come up with an idea where controlling the players is better than being a player. And, it’s an awesome idea. Sure, the physical attributes are a little lacking, but there are other features which are sport-like. The sense of community, for example, is huge. There is nothing better than inviting friends around to play a competitive game of soccer on the big screen. Plus, with gaming systems like the Wii U or the new Nintendo Switch, you can even get up and moving while you play! As long as the screen uses direct LED lighting and fantastic HDR, the experience is hard to beat. LED lighting centers on the picture quality and HDR stands for Hybrid Log Gamma. Still confused? Check out this buying guide. It’s better at explaining these things than I ever could be!

Car Racing

For those of us that want something more physical, there is always car racing. Racing cars around a track doesn’t seem like hard work because the car looks like it does most of the work. The truth is that the intensity of the sport means you will experience a lot of physicalities. The G-force, for instance, can be harsh, and the loss of water is also a problem. To make the car easier to drive, it’s always better to be in shape.

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