Tips To Go Get That Career In Music

Here are a some great ideas to help you breathe new life into your music career and to make sure you are building a starting ground for a successful, long career in one of the toughest industries. 

Identify Your Goals

Sounds a bit obvious right? You may know that you want to become a success and ‘make it’ in the music industry but how are you going to make it happen for you? You should identify your short-term goals first. If you’re a musician or singer that has never played live before it may be a good idea to get some practice first. On the other hand if you’re thinking about signing people try going to some gigs and getting people on your books to represent. 

Get out There in Person

You aren’t going to reach your goals if you are hiding behind a keyboard. The music industry can have a lot to do with who you know and not what you know. Although that does help too. 

Get out there in person and get to know some people who can open some doors for you and who will talk about you to gather interest. You need people who are going to support you and believe in you. You should never be afraid to take chances and never be afraid to be shot down once in a while. 

Get out There Online

Yes, we have just said that music life can’t be conducted from behind a keyboard however putting in some effort to make you appear online is important. A lot of people now use the web on a daily basis and therefore it’s a prime location for you to be able to interact and hare your talent to others. You can also make use of things like finding the perfect source to buy beats online for you to work with and help get you noticed. It can be tough to have a presence online but it’s most definitely worth it try using platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. Many bands get their first shot at fame by sharing their work online, much like Joey Armstrong, who first released music on MySpace with his band Emily’s Army in 2008. Try not to get bogged down and follow trends, you are new and up and coming so set the trends yourself.

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Find Your Team

Of course, depending on how you want to enter the music industry will depend on the type of team you need. There are going to be things in your music career that you’ll to be great at, and there are things that you’d be better off letting someone else handle for you. You should learn to recognize the difference.

Act The Part

Ok, so it may not be as easy as acting as a musician makes you a musician but going into the music industry definitely isn’t the same as being an accountant or lawyer. If you want music to be your main job then you’re going to have to treat it as one. It’s your business and you are that business so work to make it successful. Even if you still have a day job, if you want to move into music full time eventually, then it pays to start treating it like a job right now.

Is there anything else that you think could be useful in helping you get a career in the music industry? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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