How Music Helps Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Music is a universal language that can even help you when you study. But did you know it can help enhance your athletic performance too? Stop by to learn how!

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In various countries, track and field governing bodies have actually banned the use of headphones and portable audio devices because they believe that it prevents runners from getting a competitive edge. A lot of runners have protested against this because they know how essential music is to their performance, and this really does support the idea that music can really help you to get the most out of your athletic performance.


If you run a track team or even a sporting team then you will understand how much uniforms can help. When you order girls softball uniforms for example, they can help to motivate the team and it can also provide them with something worth fighting for. Music is a very similar concept but it does work in a very different way. When you have music playing, you often get distracted from the small sensations of fatigue that happen throughout the performance. Some people even say that music can boost your athletic performance by over 15%. This is especially the case if you sync your own movements to that of the music, so that is one of the many things that you have to think about when you’re on the field or in the stadium ready for the next game.

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Internal Motivation

If you are exercising, training or even in the middle of a game then you will understand the feeling when your brain and body go into autopilot. You somehow manage to get everything done with very minimal conscious effort, and this is known as being in the zone. You can actually recreate this by listening to music at the time of exercise. A lot of athletes do this and this is especially the case before a big game. The main reason for this is because it helps them to achieve a certain level of focus and concentration before the big game. Music gives you the chance to put everything to one side so you can shut out all of the outside distractions, while also giving you the chance to accomplish whatever you want in the game.

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When you workout to music, you will find that your movements and even your rhythm are all improved drastically. By keeping up with this tempo, you will quickly find that you push yourself harder than you normally would and you also have the motivation to keep going until the song stops as well. This extra couple of minutes can make all of the difference when it comes to your training and you would be surprised at how easy it for you to get in the right groove when there is some music playing. There are plenty of portable MP3 players available for you to buy if you want to train on the go as well.
So music really is the best way for you to get in the zone and it can really benefit your workout, your team and even your personal level of motivation as well. Why don’t you try to listen to more music while training?

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