Learn How To Never Miss Your Fave’s Show Again!

We’ve all been there… you’ve got the ticket site up and loaded on all of your devices and refresh right on time and still, you miss your shot. Stop in to make sure you never miss a gig again!

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Have you ever realized just a little too late that you didn’t make the time, or save the funds to get tickets to that all-important show? I have, and let me tell you it’s not a good feeling. Your heart sinks to the bottom of your stomach. It’s even worse when you know other people that are going, and they post all about it on social media and then you have to bear the indignity of seeing all their amazing pics and videos from the event as well! It sucks. However, there are things you can do to ensure you never find yourself in this position again. Read on to find out what they are.

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Start Saving

If you haven’t got the cash, then none of the other advice is going to help you. That is why if music is your life, it can be a great idea to set up a separate saving banks account specifically for this purpose. Then you can arrange an automatic transfer each month, so you’ll know no matter what happens your gig ticket fund will be full when you need it. Trust me, it’s worth it when a chance to grab a ticket to a sold-out gig comes up! If saving this way isn’t an option, try signing up Ibotta, which gives you cash back on things like groceries you’re already buying! I just redeemed $40.18 today! Or sign up for survey sites that will pay you for sharing your opinion! Use this extra influx of cash on things you enjoy, like going to concerts!

Set a Reminder

Next, think about getting organized in terms of the concerts you want to see. To do this think about how you plan the rest of your social events. Is it on your phone, in a diary, or on a calendar?

Whichever it is, pick the same one for concerts and remember to include not just the date that the show is on, but also the date and time that the tickets go on sale. It can sometimes help to sign up to band websites to get first dibs on tickets too.

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Get The Best Deal

Obviously, a big part of deciding whether you can go to a gig or not is cost. The cheaper the tickets then, the more bands you can see. That is why it makes sense to use sites like The Ticket Merchant when buying tickets because they display their prices without any hidden fees. That means the price you see is the final price, no postage costs, booking, or credit card fees. Something that can make getting your budgeting right much easier and allow you to go to and see more of what you love. Way better than their competitors, right?

Avoid Scalpers

Last of all, if you really don’t want to miss that show, be very careful of ticket scalpers. In fact, as ticket security is improving it is making it harder and harder for scalpers to get a hold of extra tickets. Things like #VerifiedFan exist now to help make sure fans get in those seats, and at the actual cost of the ticket! It might seem like an extra step, but make sure you do your research and get signed up in time so you can take advantage and not get suckered in by malicious people.

Scalpers don’t care about you or your faves. That means if you are offered a seat that seems too good to be true – it’s more likely to be a fake and a waste of your time and money. Remember there is no comeback if you purchase from a scalper, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. Unless you want to be out your money, as well as annoyed that you didn’t get to see your favorite band.

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