Top 7 Ways To Listen To Music

Music is one of the universal languages, and there are countless ways to enjoy it. Here are the top 7 ways to listen to music, and I bet some of them you probably wouldn’t have thought of!

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Do you love music? Are you always listening to something? Why not make your music listening experience even more fun by pairing it with other activities?

Here are some fun ideas of things you can do while you listen to music:


What could be better than listening to your favorite jams as you let your mind wander over endless possibilities? Daydreaming and music were made for each other, each improving the experience of the other.


Of course, dancing and music are the perfect match. If you usually listen to your music while sitting on the couch or laying down on your bed, why not switch things up by getting your groove on? Not only can dancing give you a positive mood boost, but it’s also a great way to exercise and keep fit without it feeling like hard work! Check out this dance playlist if you want to find the perfect music to dance to. Have fun!

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Have a Picnic

Boomboxes are back. If you look at these Boombox Reviews, you will see that you can now carry your music, even if it is digital or streamed on Spotify, anywhere with you and get great sound. That means, taking your music to the local park, beach or forest has never been more fun, and you know what? Listening to your favorite songs while taking in the beauty of nature is a transformative experience that you should try from time to time.


Okay, so I know this list is supposed to be about FUN things to do while listening to music, but you know what? When you turn your tunes up loud while you’re doing housework, it really is fun! You can dance as you dust, sing as you scrub and if you build up enough steam, get an endorphin releasing workout that’ll make you feel happy to be alive and in the moment.

Pretend You’re a Rockstar

You’re never too old to pick up that hair brush and start lip syncing to The Foo Fighters. Really, you’re not. It’s so much fun at least pretending to be a famous rock star belting out your biggest hit to legions of adoring fans, and let’s face it, it’s the closest most of us will ever get to rock star status. source


There is nothing like the exhilarating feeling you get when your body is moving, your blood pumping and you have the sun on your face while The Pixies assault your ears in the most wonderful way. It’s not just running either – the experience of doing any exercise you enjoy while you listen to some great music will enhance the experience, increase your enjoyment and ensure that you actually look forward to keeping fit.

Get Creative

Creating, whether it be a story, a piece of art or a new knitting project is always better when music is your companion.Not only does music make the experience of creating a more pleasurable one, but it can actually enhance your creativity as it bombards you with new ideas and turns on the more creative areas of your brain.

What are your favorite things to do while listening to music?

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