Vinyl Records Will Never Die – Here’s Why

Call me a music snob, but I’m a vinyl diehard through-and-through. We’ve been through 8-tracks and casette tapes. Even CDs are starting to become obsolete. But vinyls… vinyls are forever.

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Listening to music has kept us, as a species, entertained for at least a millennia. You can listen to music in a variety of ways, but there’s something about playing it in its classical form: on vinyl records. If you love music, there are chances you own or have thought of owning some vinyls before now. Vinyls are making a huge comeback recently, so if you’re wondering where that’s coming from, here’s a few ideas on the matter.

Vinyls Have a Huge Reputation Behind Them

When you think of the golden oldies, you think of vinyl players crooning in the background. With this sort of collective conscience, immediately vinyl records have a foothold over you without even being mentioned!

Our musical past is romanticized a lot, with many people claiming we no longer have ‘real music.’ So when they walk into a music shop, they catch sight of the records, and it makes them feel a little bit better and they head straight to them. Of course this is an unfair stipulation, but it means vinyls come out on top year after year.

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It’s the Most Secure Physical Format of a Record

Apparently there’s going to be about $1 billion in sales of vinyl records in 2017 alone, so there must be something about their music format that both creators and listeners put stock in. Vinyls aren’t easy to lose, and are physical formats you can hold in your hands and know you own. CDs are another record holder facet, yet a lot of people nowadays grew up with them and therefore they’re less glitzy.

You can easily learn what all the hype is about from some first hand experience, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you need to find yourself a record player, then you can listen to your vinyls with these turntables with speakers. These vinyls can be portable and are perfect for party situations, so they’re some of the best on the market to look at.

Plus… They Just Look Good

A good vinyl collection on it’s own is a great eye-catcher at a party or hosting event. They can even just look pretty to you and fill you a little joy whenever you look over at them. Even if you don’t have a music player, it’s very possible you like to look at the vinyls stored in the back of music shops. The artwork alone is really pretty, and would look lovely on your wall…

They also are meant to sound superior as well. They have frequencies that dip the lowest and highest because of their long play format. Also, the little crackles you get when first putting on a record can be quite a comforting sound to some, and can immediately strike others into a dancing mood!

So there’s good reasoning behind the fact the vinyl isn’t quite over yet. Our love for the vintage runs full circle, and there’s good money to be made off of selling off your own vinyl records these days.

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