8 Interesting Ways to Make Extra Money

Does it seem like your bank account is constantly running low? Do you want a way to make more money? Here are 7 interesting ways that people have found to make extra money.

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Some of these may sound ridiculous, but they are proven to work. All of these ideas can help you create a better life for yourself and your family by earning some additional income outside of your usual salary or job. 

Becoming A Lyft Or Uber Driver 

This is easy if you have a car and lots of spare time during your day, as ridesharing drivers only need to work part-time. You can use this additional income to pay off debt, save for college tuition, travel more often, etc. The possibilities are endless. Do some research on whether driving would be an enjoyable experience for you. It may not be great at first, but it will get fun once you gain some momentum with passengers who enjoy being driven by someone who seems nice and makes conversation along the way. Also, keep in mind that there are many other rideshare programs besides just Uber and Lyft, so do your research to find which one is the best for you.

Becoming A Taskrabbit Worker Or “Tasker.” 

This side job can pay on average $35 an hour, so it’s definitely worth giving this extra money-making opportunity some consideration. To become a tasker, first sign up with TaskRabbit online and apply to accept tasks. Once your application is accepted, you will begin taking short surveys about specific skills considered valuable in their program. These skills include English fluency, vehicle driving experience (or lack of), home renovation knowledge, etc. These questions help determine what types of tasks you would excel at completing successfully. If there isn’t anything specific that appeals to you, consider applying as a general handyman or laborer. The great thing about becoming a TaskRabbit worker is people usually hire them for small jobs like putting together furniture, hanging pictures, or other small projects that don’t require much skill. You can definitely put your basic construction knowledge to use in this role.

Online Tutoring 

Becoming an online tutor for students who are struggling with certain subjects like algebra or geometry. Students may find it challenging to pay a traditional tutor by the hour because of the high cost. They also run into scheduling issues when trying to meet up at their desired location. If you have some free time in your schedule every week, consider becoming a virtual tutor through WyzAnt. You can set the fee per hour you are willing to work for and make sure it’s competitively priced. 

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Online Peer Advisor

Becoming an online peer advisor. This side job will allow students who might not be able to afford guidance from local professionals, like academic counselors. If you have a lot of spare time on your hands and would like to help those less fortunate, then consider signing up as an online peer advisor through Chegg. You can offer any type of tutoring service available with this platform, including homework or assignment assistance, test prep (SAT/ACT), college essay help, online tutoring, etc.

Selling Handmade Items

If you are an artist or have a knack for crafting beautiful things, consider selling your work on Etsy. All you need to get started is a quality camera and computer with internet access. There are no fees associated with opening up a shop, so it’s worth looking into if this side gig fits your artistic style. You can also take custom orders which keep the extra money rolling in.

3D Printing And Laser Cutting

You can make and sell unique articles made from your 3D printer or laser cutter. The items can be anything from company corporate gifts to Christmas ornaments. There are many types of 3D printers, like Rasen 3D printing (which is excellent for small figures used in hobbies) to SLS. You need to do research on the different types of 3D printers and laser cutting equipment to see which appeals to you more. There are many sites that can help you make the decision, like for SLS, you can use https://www.rapidpsi.com/selective-laser-sintering/.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant. This is one of the most popular side gigs college students choose because it allows them to earn extra cash while working remotely from their dorm or home on their own schedule. Your tasks can include social media management (Facebook and Twitter), email marketing, or even event planning. If you want more details about this type of position, look up information online through Virtual Vocations. You can also sign up for a free account and make money by taking surveys.

Online gaming

Believe it or not, there are many ways you can make money by gaming. For instance, you can become a gaming streamer or content creator, earning money through adverts on your YouTube or Twitch channels. This could lead to sponsorships if you start to generate a strong following! Alternatively, you can enter gaming tournaments with big prize pools up for grabs. If you’re a talented gamer, this could be a brilliant idea for you. There’s even the possibility to earn money through platforms like Skillz, where you can play games leveraging your own money to earn more money back. The games can vary from classic casino games to things like solitaire or bowling. It’s even possible to get Skillz bonus cash to help you get started, and you may make a decent bit of money. The bottom line is that online gaming opens a lot of new opportunities for you to try!

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