6 Easy Ways to Increase Activity Levels

Recent studies have shown that people who live a more sedentary lifestyle average live two years less than their more active counterparts. Of course, many factors play a part in your life expectancy, but there is no denying the harmful effects on your body being inactive can have.

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Making sure you move your body and increase your activity levels can not only help you live longer but have a dramatic effect on your overall health, including keeping your heart healthy, stabilizing your weight, and reducing the risk of you becoming seriously ill or developing complications due to not being active.

Take The Stairs

An easy one, but when you have the option, take the stairs over the elevator. You will still end up in the same place, but you get the added benefit of some cardio as you move between floors. If you are at home, why not commit to walking up and down the stairs a set number of times per day.

Leave the Car

If it takes you less than 15 minutes to walk out somewhere, do it. Ditch the car and use your legs. Start with smaller journeys when you don’t have any time restraints, or you need to collect heavy groceries. Aim to walk a set number of steps per week or walk for a certain amount of time. Not only will you get more exercise into your day, but you can save money on gas too.

10 Minute Workouts

Think you don’t have any time to exercise. These days, there is an abundance of short and easy workouts available online for various fitness levels. It is recommended to get 30 minutes of exercise per day. Break this down into 3 10 minute blocks of intense workouts to get you started and build up your stamina. When working out, you must support your body with the proper nutrition. It can be worth your while to include supplements made in the United States of America to support your new activity and fitness levels.

Walk On Calls

If you speak on the phone frequently, why not look at walking around while you are talking. Take the call and make it your mission to walk for the duration of the call. This way, you can still be productive while getting in some exercise too. A win-win situation all around. 

Make It Family Friendly

Being active is much more fun when you aren’t doing it alone. So rope the family or some friends into joining you. Go for a family walk around the neighborhood with your pets, too, if you have them. Head out on a hike or to the local swimming pool together and vow to be as active as possible during this time. Not only are you supporting your health; you are improving that of your family too. 


Turn the radio on, put your favorite playlist on Spotify and get dancing. Whether you are home alone and bored and choose to dance instead of putting Netflix on or doing chores around the house. Music makes everything more enjoyable, and a quick dance to your favorite songs can help get your blood pumping and raise your heart rate—both of which are perfect for supporting a healthy heart and staying active.

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