Most Shocking TV Twists

One of the best moments when watching a TV show is the appearance of a really shocking twist. There’s nothing better than letting out an involuntary gasp because something has just happened that you did not see coming. Here’s our list for some of the most shocking TV twists.

These are the moments that you’ll remember in years to come. Those moments when you jumped up from your seat or hid behind a pillow. Those moments when you called your friends and spoke about the twist for hours on the phone – so long, in fact, that you had to use Prepaid Bill to get extra minutes.

Sometimes twists aren’t dealt with well. Either they’re easily guessable, or they feel forced. There’s nothing worse than the appearance of a twist that feels like it’s there just for shock value. But when they’re done right, there’s almost nothing better.

There have been plenty of twists over the years in TV, but this list here is a compilation of some of the absolute best. Heads up: this post will include spoilers!

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The Good Place

The Good Place is one of Michael Schur’s many brilliant comedies. It recently concluded in 2020 and racked up many positive reviews. It offers great characters, funny dialogue, and big existential questions for its viewers.

However, at the end of its first season, it gave viewers one of the best twists of all time. Ready? It’s spoiler time.

At the end of season one, the viewer finds out the characters have been in the bad place all along.

Maybe some eagle-eyed people out there saw the twist coming, but it’s fair to say most people didn’t. This twist is great for two reasons. First: excellent shock factor. Ted Danson pulls off an amazing evil laugh as he reveals the news – that in itself is worth watching the show for. But secondly, the twist isn’t solely for the shock factor. It actually progresses the TV show further and becomes the basis for the next few seasons of the show.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has been gone from our screens for a while now, but its impact is still felt in the TV shows that are still around. Game of Thrones gave us plenty of twists, but none as big as the Red Wedding episode.

Now, before you start complaining, yes, plenty of people did know about the twist coming in the Red Wedding episode. Of course, those who have read the books would have been familiar with the destruction coming. But, for those watching the TV show without prior book knowledge, the culling of some of our favorite characters – and in such a bloody way – was shocking beyond belief.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, and, in fact, any show created by Shonda Rhimes, will always be a haven of plot twists. But no twist comes as close as the twist at the end of series one.

Everyone was rooting for Meredith and Derek, but at the end of the season, the viewers learn that Derek is actually married! The appearance of Addison creates a lot of problems for the couple, and – surely it’s fair to say? – comes out of nowhere! A great twist from a great, twisty show.

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