How Learning an Instrument can Improve Your Brain

Music is the universal language, we all love music no matter what kind. But did you know that learning an instrument can actually help improve your brain functionality? Stop in to learn more!

Everyone has the same grey matter, but it’s what you do with it that counts. If you don’t exercise your brain and stretch it with challenges regularly, it will be less effective. On the other hand, if you do puzzles, or learn a musical instrument, you will encourage the growth of new neural pathways. 

According to neuroscience this is how the brain actually works. It is a learning organ  so if you put yourself in new situations and try new things, your brain will start to learn more and grow more. Learning a musical instrument or listening to music with a Rogue Audio device is one easy and convenient way to develop brain growth. 


Almost everyone knows how to talk, we learn that at an early age – or our brain learns it from the environments we live in – but how effective are we at communicating and using our language skills? If we haven’t even thought of it before, chances are we are missing out. 

According to science, learning an instrument stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for language and creative processes. This is the side of the brain you will use for problem solving as well. When you learn an instrument it develops this side of your brain and helps with your language patterns. 

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Are you a math person or a language person? Most people think they are one or the other and because they think it, they are stronger at their subject. The reality is that we have the same potential if we are willing to unlock it with effective strategies. 

Learning a musical instrument is one such strategy. Music is full of mathematical patterns and numerical beats that help you to understand logic, numbers, and fractions. If you want to improve your maths skills get to grips with sheet music. 


Do you find that you struggle to concentrate sometimes or zone out? This is quite common, it happens to all of us, but some people are more inclined to it than others. If you want to improve your memory, attention, and concentration, pick up a musical instrument. 

In order to play the guitar, keyboard, or saxophone – or any other instrument – you need to develop concentration and discipline. If you don’t have these qualities you might be frustrated at first, but stick with it. Learning your instrument is part of an overall self improvement plan. 


Playing an instrument can be a great way to develop social skills at any age. When looking for guitar lessons near me, your tutor doesn’t only provide music guidance. You will find that it is a relaxed setting to talk about the bands you love and, possibly a host of other topics. Meanwhile, joining an orchestra or local band helps you make friends with people who have a shared interest.

On a separate note, the process of writing music is hugely therapeutic. Whether it’s the soothing melodies or sharing your thoughts through emotional lyrics doesn’t matter. It helps you get in touch with your emotional side and enjoy a far healthier relationship with your mental wellness.


It’s not just sports that help with developing coordination, listening to music and playing an instrument can improve it as well. You might want better coordination if you think you are clumsy, or you want to take up a sport for health reasons. 

Even if your musical ability is poor at first you should stick with it. The reality is that you are developing your brain by having a go at it. Over time your brain will start to learn the patterns and processes, you will gradually get better at playing and your coordination will improve. 

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