Helping Your Child: Subtle and Simple Ways to Stimulate Their Brains

We all want to help raise smart, curious children but some kids needs a little more help than others. Here are some great ways to stimulate your child’s brain, and make learning fun!

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We all want nothing more than to help our children become more intelligent and capable people, but we can’t force our children to become cleverer. If you really want your child to be an intelligent individual you can’t force textbooks down their throats, but you also need to remember they need to be children at the same time. It’s about making sure that you provide a variety of resources to develop intelligence in a natural way. Let’s show you some subtle roundabout ways that you can incorporate into your daily lives.

Video Games

Far from video games being bad for our brains, our children can benefit from playing video games as they can teach problem-solving skills, increase spatial awareness, and inspire an interest in cultural history. There are video games like this country simulator that can be a starting point to being more politically minded and there are games like Minecraft that encourage children to build up civilizations from nothing, but there’s also the other end of the spectrum where games like Sonic the Hedgehog can bring parents and children together.

Encourage a Work Ethic

It may seem like many people are born naturally intelligent. Sometimes we can take to a subject like a duck to water, but others need more encouragement. If you worry that your child is not the brightest spark, you’ve got to remember that there have been countless examples of geniuses throughout history who were not considered intelligent. Einstein is the most obvious example, but if you are concerned that your child needs to focus a bit more you could benefit from teaching them how to learn. 

This is about a combination of understanding something like their learning style, while also using the latest scientific research, as well as encouraging a good old-fashioned work ethic. Trying our best is just as important as succeeding.

Give Them a Taste of the Real World

Intelligence comes in many different shapes and forms. You may think that your child needs to be better in school, but this is only one type of intelligence. Book smarts are not everything, and you can certainly encourage your children with a more rigid work ethic, but it’s also important to give them greater opportunities to learn in ways that do not feel like learning. Taking them on a simple walk can be enough to help them gain a bit more of an understanding of themselves.

Play Them All Sorts of Music

If your child wants to learn an instrument, that’s great, but even if they don’t, music is still an amazing tool that can feed us. Giving your children a wide variety of music to listen to means that, over time, they’ll pick and choose their favorites but they may also start to experience a number of health benefits from listening to music. It can improve memory, mental alertness, teach rhythm, and even reduce anxiety.

The concept of intelligence is greatly overrated, and while you may want your children to be more intelligent in one way, it’s vital to remember that it’s not just about IQ tests. Intelligence covers so much more.

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