How To Create A Music Video For Your Song

So you’ve made an original song, but want to stand out from the bunch? You’ve got to make a music video. But how? Stop by to find out!

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In the modern music industry, becoming popular has become so much more than simply displaying your talent to the world. If you want to do well in an industry like this, you have to be willing to create a brand, and marketing will be a big part of this. As an easy place to start, making a music video is a great way to reach out to loads of new listeners. This shouldn’t be too hard to make, as long as you take the right approach. To help you out with this, this post will go through some of the steps you will have to take, along with the tools you’ll need throughout the process.


It will be hard to start making a music video if you don’t have the tools to help you with it. Armed with at least a camera, you can do some incredible work in this area, and it should be too hard to make something unique. There are loads of companies out there which can lend you cameras, microphones, and the other gear you might need to get started with your piece. To help you out with this, it could be worth getting some tips from other video makers around the web.

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A Storyboard

Any good piece of cinematic work starts with a comprehensive storyboard. Having all of your scenes laid out on one document will make it a lot easier to film, edit, and finish the project without having to go back to the start. This should include easy to read instructions for both actors/actresses and your director to use. To get some help with this, it could be worth using some templates from around the web to give you an idea of what others include with this sort of thing.

The Film Day

Once you have some equipment and a storyboard to go from, it will be time to start thinking about the filming day itself. You will need plenty of help to achieve what you want from your video, especially if you plan on featuring in it. You will also need some help from a talented actress, model, comedian, artist, and celebrity blogger to help to sell the piece. At this stage, it’s always worth remembering that you’re making a video for a specific song. This means that things like camera movement, stage direction, and even clothing should all reflect the piece they represent.

Editing And Release

As the last stage of this project, it will be time to start editing the footage you’ve gathered into the final product. This might take some learning, as editing software is very hard to use, and most people won’t have any experience with it. Along with this, though, you could also consider getting some help from professionals on sites like Freelancer. Once the video is edited and finished, it will be time to start marketing and pushing it. This is an entire job on its own, though.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the ways that you market and advertise your music. You can’t rely on your talents to take you where you want to go in the modern world, and have to look for alternative routes to secure your fortune.

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