5 Ways to Get Creative With Your Computer

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble scratching your creative itch. They’re are tons of ways to get creative right on your computer! Here are just 5 ways.

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Our computers are incredibly useful machines that let us do everything from read the news and watch videos to doing work and playing video games. However, many of us fail to find productive things to do with our computers and, as a result, we end up using it purely for recreational purposes and work. If you want to get creative with your computer, here are five ideas that you can get involved with right now.

Create Art

One of the most basic computer programs that we all have is a drawing one. While it’s probably not enough to create fantastic art, it’s a good start and a great way to get creative with your computer. If you want a better art experience, consider getting a graphics tablet so you can use pen input instead of your mouse. Some people also buy expensive graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, but you can also use free programs like Krita to create beautiful digital art.



Make Music

Thanks to all the cheap equipment you can buy, home music production is an inexpensive and fun hobby to get into. Creating your own music is one of the most expressive and creative things you can do at home, and all you really need is a simple music production program and an idea. It’s worth learning music theory if you want to take this creative endeavour further, but it’s not really needed. You also don’t need to buy expensive keyboards and drum pads—many producers work with just their mouse and keyboard!

Learn Something

Being creative means you need to study something as well. For example, if you want to learn how to draw, then using a computer is the perfect way to do so. You can browse hundreds of online tutorials and lessons. Some of them are done via YouTube videos, others are text guides with accompanying pictures, and there are even fully featured courses to take online. Getting creative and doing something productive with your computer is as easy as a Google search.

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Write Blogs

Can you guys guess which one on this list is my personal favorite? Another way to get creative is to write blogs. It’s just as expressive as making music and it can be less expensive to get into. All you need is a keyboard, some ideas to write about, and a free website such as WordPress to get started. Blogging can also turn into a career if you’re good at writing and build up a following, but focus more on writing about things you love instead of trying to turn it into a business. If you’re authentic and enjoy it, your brand will start to build itself! But that’s a topic for another day…

Try Programming

We also can’t forget about programming. Programming is creative because of the things you can do with it. For instance, if you want to create a computer game or a mobile app, then learning to program is the first way to accomplish that goal. Programming itself is very logical and you’ll need to be interested in computer science to pick it up. However, the possibilities are limitless and programming experience is a fantastic thing to put on your resume if you do computer-related work.

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