Writers: Tips To Boost Your Productivity Now

We’ve all been there. Writer’s block hits, or outside influences are too hard to ignore. It’s hard out here for a writer, but luckily we have some tips to help you out.

 Writers- Tips To Boost Your Productivity Now drunk on pop guest post

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Some people write for their job, while others do it as a hobby. There are all types of writing, from technical writing to fiction and poetry. No matter what you write and why, being productive and getting your creative juices flowing is important. It can also be difficult, especially when you’re feeling discouraged, or you can’t seem to get rid of your writer’s block. If you want to be a more productive writer, you have to take control. It’s up to you to make yourself write, and sometimes that means buckling down and getting on with it, even when you feel uninspired. Here’s what you can do.

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Remove Online (and Offline) Distractions

Procrastinating is the bane of any writer’s life. Even if you really want to write, it can still be a lot of effort. It suddenly becomes much easier to check social media, play a game, or even go and put some laundry on. Ignoring these distractions is partly about self-control, but you can also find some great tools to help you. If you need to do some online research and can’t disconnect from the internet, try a tool like the StayFocusd Chrome extension to block distracting sites. Another way to remove all distractions on your computer is to go full-screen with whatever application you’re using. Try something like Writer’s Block.

Type Faster and More Accurately

Sometimes, you have all the ideas, but you just can’t get them out fast enough. This might be particularly frustrating if you have a deadline coming up. Improving your typing speed and accuracy can help you with this. One way to do is to use typing speed software and testing apps to rewire and boost your typing technique. The tools you use matter too so you might want to consider a new keyboard. You can get cheap keyboards that are still responsive so you can improve your typing accuracy. It might sound strange, but some of the best keyboards to use are those designed for gaming. Mechanical keyboards are super responsive.

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Schedule Your Writing

People who write sometimes sell this huge lie that everyone simply writes when inspiration hits them. The truth is that anyone who wants to be a good writer needs to force themselves to do it consistently, not just when an idea arrives in the middle of the night. If you want to work on your technique and not just write down ideas, you should try to write every day. Set a time for your writing, even if it’s just half an hour a day.

Give Yourself a Daily Goal

If you want to write more, try giving yourself a daily goal to meet. It doesn’t have to be that much, perhaps even just a couple of hundred words. You’ll often find that once you get going, you’ll write much more than you had planned to. On some days, getting out that minimum amount might be painful, but on others, it will seem like a breeze.

Whether you write plays, how-to guides, or short stories, take your productivity into your own hands. Only you can make yourself write more.

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