How To Get Red Carpet Glam This Awards Season

Stop by for some tips and tricks on how to get red carpet ready at home for this awards season!

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The awards season is in full swing and all our favorite industry nights are upon us. The Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and the Grammys, just to name a few are right around the corner. We have seen such a variety of fashion and hairstyles that many of us will be trying to emulate, I’m sure. Whomever your style muse is, there’s a lot we can learn from the leading ladies in fashion, music, and film. So if you want to up your glam, then there are many things that we can take from the red carpet style. Here is how you can achieve it all and ooze some Hollywood glamour at your next big event.

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Think About Angles

One way to rock a killer pose on the red carpet (or just for Snapchat, cause how many of us get to stroll down a real red carpet?), is to accentuate your best features using angles. Think about taking a selfie, for instance. If you have a strong square jaw line, then you’ll want it to look it’s best. By tilting your head down slightly, you will get the best angle for your jaw line. If you tilted your head up, it would make your jaw look larger and more square than it normally is. So it might take a little bit of practice, but try out different poses to get your best celebrity style pose.

Go For Volume

When it comes to your hair, volume is the way to go. If your hair just looks a little limp, it won’t stand out or make a statement. So think about a style that you can create lots of volume with. An updo hairstyle is always a good option, as you can pin hair in place and use plenty of mousse or spray. If you like to have your hair down, then you could go for a Gigi inspired slick back look, or go for a half up/half down kind of style, like Ariana. Then you can create as much volume as you need. If your hair is lacking a little, or you want to go for a thick chunky braid, then it could be worth getting some color match extensions in your hair. You could even look for a wig, for somewhere online like CelebWigs. Then you’ll be giving plenty of people hair envy.

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Make Your Makeup Pop

For any glamorous event, your makeup needs to be stepped up a notch. It needs to be more than you would just wear on a normal day. The best things to do are to make sure that you have flawless looking skin. A good foundation that matches your skin tone is key. It’s worth it to splurge on one that will work with your skin type. You don’t want to end up with a shiny forehead. Bold lips and eyes are also a good idea. Often, though, one or the other is best. If you choose a bold, smoky eye, then go for more of a natural lip shade. If you are going for a bold lip color, then a more simple look on your eye works well. However, what’s most important is that you do what makes you feel beautiful and confident! So go ahead and rock whatever beauty trends you’re feeling, and kill that red carpet glam!

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