Lady GaGa Dominated The Grammy’s But Who Is Next?

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were a hit, and Lady Gaga put on one hell of a performance. She’s one of the most dominating artists at the moment, but 

LADY GAGA DOMINATED THE GRAMMY’S BUT WHO IS NEXT guest post drunk on pop banner

Beyoncé. Adele. Lady Gaga. These are the three women who truly made the show what it was last night during The 59th Annual Grammys. It was Gaga, though, who performed with Metallica after a killer Superbowl performance, and absolutely destroyed it!

The Grammys threw up some incredible moments this year including a pretty controversial ‘Make America Great Again’ dress worn by Joy Villa. Sparking obvious media attention and hitting trends all over the internet, it’s hard to imagine anything being talked about more. Well, sorry Joy, but when Lady Gaga is billed to perform with Metallica even Donald Trump can’t mess this up.

From the moment she arrived on the red carpet, Gaga blew everyone away. Defying recent digs about her weight during the incredible show she put on at the Superbowl, she wore barely more than a leather bra and hot pants, showing off her stunning physique and silencing the critics who, without any mistakes in her show to pick on, turned to her stomach which, to us looked perfect. Her outfit was suitable for her performance, detailed with cable ties to give a harsh feathered thrill, she absolutely stole the show on the red carpet.

Heading up on stage Metallica and Gaga performed ‘Moth Into Flame‘. Unfortunately there were a few sound issues to start, but with complete professionalism Gaga dominated the stage and even popped off for a little rock legend crowd surfing! It was one of the best collaborations of Gaga’s career, and showed just how versatile this lady really is.

Lady Gaga 2017 Grammys front back outfit view best dressed new tattoo Metallica performance 59th annual grammy awards

Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/; Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

There are an army of fierce women in pop at the moment, led by the classic greats such as Madonna, a door was opened for strong and talented voices to come in and kick the life out of the industry. Finally girls were able to express themselves with the same freedom and passion as Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne.

So where will the next Lady Gaga rise from? Will it be another USA hero or will europe supply us with another Bjork? Perhaps we’ll have an almighty force rise up from The X Factor or maybe there is a band better than Nirvana playing in your local pub. Richer Sounds has delivered an incredible platform for singers and songwriter by opening an unsigned artist playlist where you can listen to the performers who aren’t yet in the charts.

lady gaga metallica performance 59th annual grammy awards the grammys 2017

Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

It’s exciting to sit, waiting to see where we will be taken next on our musical journeys and you only have to walk through Covent Garden or get your ears on YouTube to realise there is a host of incredible talent eagerly waiting in the wings to out class Beyoncé, Sia and maybe Lady Gaga.

Lets just hope they come forward with the same powerful message these women have. That it is ok to be vulnerable and fierce, that you should work hard for your dreams, with persistence you can ensure the world listens to your message and that no matter how much people try to body shame you or bring you down, you will rise above it. Be you, be true.

Until then, all eyes are on Lady Gaga … who knows she maybe she’ll even release a death metal album in 2018! But first, she has to finish up her Joanne World Tour!

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