How To Encourage Your Child’s Natural Talent for The Arts

Whether seeking fame or a more humble life in the arts, stop by for some tips on how to nurture your child’s natural star power!

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When we are kids, we go through so many different ideas about what we want to be when we grow up. Doctors, air stewards, detectives… pretty much anything goes! However, something that is common for most children at least for a short time is the desire to be famous. Kids grow up watching movies and TV shows featuring movie stars that they start to idolize. So, it’s only natural that they want to follow in their footsteps. For most children, this is only a fleeting desire which soon passes as they age and start to take a greater interest in other subjects. But for others, the desire to be a performer never goes away. If you have young children in your family, or perhaps you have your own children, you should be able to notice whether or not your child has that ‘star quality’. Perhaps your little one is always putting on shows for the family, or always getting involved in something creative at school. If you notice that they love the arts and you want to help them achieve their dreams, here’s some tips for the budding star in your life…

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Enroll Them in Drama School

Now at first glance, drama school may conjure up images of pushy ‘dance moms’ and bratty, attention seeking children. But for the most part, this is just an extreme stereotype. Start your child out at a smaller, independent drama school to see if they like it first and to give them a sense of humbleness. Plus, this way, if it turns out they don’t like it – you’ve not wasted $200 on membership fees! Find a class near you that is easy to get to and either runs after school or on a weekend – whatever fits with your schedule. Many of these schools also put on a yearly production, so you will be able to see your little one perform on stage too – something that makes every parent burst with pride! 

Let Them ‘Live The Dream’ Online

With so many people wanting to make it as an actor, the market is very over saturated. Your child won’t know it yet, but the chances of actually becoming a Hollywood star are unfortunately very slim. That doesn’t mean to say that they can’t still become a revered and respected actor. Many actors nowadays make their fortune in smaller, independent films and in the theatre too – which many of them often prefer, as well. But if your child wants to live the fame and fortune lifestyle for at least a little while, why not get them free MSP membership? These type of super-safe online games enable your child to temporarily live the movie-star lifestyle by playing online with other users.

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Teach Them About Movies

If you can sense that your child’s love of acting may lead to a genuine film career, consider teaching them all you know about the best movies. This doesn’t mean sitting you eight year old down and making them sit through The Shawshank Redemption. But, consider which age-appropriate films to show them so they get a good film education from a young age. This is something prospective employees will look for in the future, so make sure they are widely read on this topic.

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