Flawless Movie Award Goes To…. *Drumroll Please*

Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, and Rebel Wilson.

Pitch Perfect opened in select theaters Friday, and I was lucky enough to live in a city that was participating in this early release. I really don’t know if I could have waited until the official release date, which is October 5th. The movie stars Anna Kendrick as Beca, who is convinced into joining her college’s all girls competitive acapella singing group. The movie is a hilarious comedy. And not just ha ha very funny, but like BAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOL funny. Beca brings a fresh edge to the group as they compete against an all male acapella group from their campus, and Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) brings the majority of the laughs, though she’s not alone.

Honestly, I knew I would like this movie because I like movies where they sing (though not necessarily break out in song and dance where everyone just happens to know the lyrics and the choreography) and I loved the cast. With that said, I was still pleasantly surprised. Too often today movie trailers give away the entire plot of the movie, and with comedies they also give up all of the funny moments in the trailer as well. This was so well written and so well executed and I still have the songs stuck in my head. The way they remixed the music was really great, and the theater actually clapped. Not even at the end of the movie, but during.

Quite possibly my favorite part of the movie was the budding romance between Jesse and Beca. Not just because I like a good ship every now and again, but because of how it was played out. He’s such a movie geek, and she’s an apathetic aspiring music producer. At one point in the film Jesse is aghast that Beca not only doesn’t like movies, but hasn’t seen the ending of The Breakfast Club. He ends up forcing her to watch the ending, which is cute, but the real AWW moment comes when she’s alone during Spring Break and decides to watch the movie beginning to end and tears up. Flash forward to the end of the movie where, spoiler alert, she sings Simple Mind’s Don’t You (Forget About Me) at the acapella finals to him. Don’t worry shippers, he totally pumps his fist in the air to her. Probably my favorite part of the movie, because honestly, who doesn’t love Breakfast Club?

There were some cast surprises as well. John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks popped up as the commentators for the acapella competitive shows, and their banter was some of the funniest parts of the movie. There were several times where Elizabeth’s character Gail mentioned her lady parts and the feelings said parts got from some of the male contestants. Get it Gail! Then there was the random popup of Freddie Stroma, from A Cinderella Story Once Upon A Song and Harry Potter. Trust me, no one is complaining. There was a very, VERY audible sigh from every girl in the audience when he pulled up his shirt. I mean, look at that body. Can you blame us?

While Rebel’s Fat Amy was definitely the one getting the most laughs, Hana Mae Lee’s character Lily was not far behind. She played a character that was so quiet she was almost inaudible, but what she did say was so disturbing it was hysterical. At one point she randomly whispered, “I ate my twin in the womb”. When a fellow Bella threw up everywhere and she fell in it, Lily made puke angels. The girl is cray, and I loved it.

The movie was flawless, the cast was flawless, the songs were flawless, Freddie Stroma’s abs are flawless, Rebel Wilson is flawless, and therefore Pitch Perfect wins the 2012 Flawless Movie Award. Congrats!

Check out a clip from the movie below:

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