Finding Refuge (Book 2 of The Marked Ones) by Cathi Shaw

Check out ‘Finding Refuge’ – book two in Cathi Shaw’s “The Marked Ones” series courtesy of Ink Smith Publishing!

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Title: Finding Refuge
Author: Cathi Shaw
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Series: The Marked Ones (Book II)

About The Book:

finding refuge the marked ones book 2 cathi shaw book coverAfter successfully escaping SÈremÈla, Thia, Kiara and Mina agree to meet in the newly created safe haven of The Refuge. As a precaution they take different paths to their destination, only to discover those paths force them even farther away from one another. As one pitfall and danger after another emerges, they are once again left to wonder if there is anyone they can trust and if they will ever uncover the secrets of the Prophecy.

Finding Refuge is book two in The Marked Ones series by Cathi Shaw.

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About The Author:

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