Music To Obsess Over: Hilary Duff releases new single ‘All About You’

Hilary Duff is officially back! First with ‘Chasing The Sun’ and now with her new single ‘All About You’!

hilary duff new music all about you chasing the sun drunk on pop

I’ve always been a huge Hilary Duff fan. I loved Lizzie McGuire, and I wanted to hate her when I found out the show was ending but I just couldn’t. She was like, the epitome of “America’s Sweetheart”. I even loved her arc in Gossip Girl where she was dating Dan and then wanted them to have a threesome with Jessica. It was weird but I still loved it, because I loved her.

So when I heard she was going to be releasing new music (finally!), I was stoked. And then, I was disappointed. Her first single, Chasing The Sun, (which you can hear in a bit) just didn’t do it for me. It was a quintessential summer song, sure. But it kind of reminded me of that hideous attempt at music from Paris Hilton. Something about stars shining? I don’t know. The best part about Chasing The Sun was the music video, because it gave us quirky Lizzie Hilary again, and it was relatable, especially as a 20-something hating the idea of losing my summer to have to work.

Take a look at the video for Chasing The Sun below:

I was very meh about it all. I figured that maybe some things should never make a comeback. Some things should just stay shimmery and special in our nostalgia and never be touched again. But then magic happened. Hilary released a second single, All About You, and it was catchy and fun and I like it. I really liked it, and then I listened a second time and thought that I maybe even loved it.

What do you guys think of hew new music? Which single do you prefer? Let us know in the poll!

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