App Review: CamCard HD Free

Apps are meant to make our lives easier. So does CamCard HD, a business card scanner and storer, hit the mark or fail miserably?

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Networking is, has been, and always will be an incredibly important aspect of a Public Relations professional’s life. We are put in contact with new people on a very regular basis, and it is our job to keep in contact with them and to try and work with them in the future. Very often we’re given business cards and then have to import their information into our phones and computers for easy access on the go. CamCard makes this much easier.

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With CamCard, all you have to do is take a business card you’re received and then use your device’s camera to take a picture of the card. The app then scans the card and becomes a virtual Rolodex. It’ll grab the person’s name, address, email, phone, and more. The best part is that the app will sync through all of your devices so you never have to worry about losing contact information. The free version gives you space for 50 business cards, and you’re given an additional two spaces every week. The paid version costs $2.99, and would be a great deal for a professional with a very large collection of business cards.

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While this is a great idea, and a wonderful tool, I was unable to get the app to work. I only had one business card on hand, which was a business card to The Lost Parrot in Mt. Dora, FL. I used my iPod Touch to scan the business card, and as you can see in the screenshot above, it did not work. The business card was somehow flipped in the scanning process, and the phone number line wasn’t even recognized. The Address was saved in two separate work number fields as well, and is not even the correct address. It’s becoming increasingly more common for people to have more interesting business cards. That means pictures, borders, and even different fonts. It’s also quite common to have business cards for actual businesses as opposed to specific people. If the app is unable to accurately scan a business card unless it is simple writing, the app is not useful. I was reading through the reviews on iTunes and saw mostly positive experiences. While it is possible that my iPod’s camera is grainier than an iPhone, and therefore it was harder to read the business card, I don’t believe that is the case.  There is also a notice in the app’s description that “the free version has ads and limitation of card recognition”. Why would we want to pay for something that we can’t test to be accurate through the free version? With that said, the app was easy to scan. All I had to do was simply take a picture. If it were to work, and was completely accurate, it would have taken very little time at all to input a large quantity of business cards into the app. The only issue is it’s inaccuracy. I’m calling this one a bust, guys! If you’re still interested in the app you can download the free version be clicking here, or the paid version here. Another blogger made a review featuring CamCard and similar apps. You can access her review here.

Rating: 68911_10793_32_rate_rating_star_yellow_icon

What do you guys think? What makes the ultimate PR app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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