Port Starbird by Garrett Dennis – PLUS a $50 giveaway!

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A current Quarter-Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Awards!

Storm Ketchum, a damaged emigre to the coastal town of Avon on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, is in love with his town, his island, and the sea, and vehemently opposed to the coastal development juggernaut that’s sweeping across the modern-day Banks. He’s an ardent admirer of Hemingway and of the Hatterasman, a rugged, self-sufficient abstraction from old-time Hatteras Island lore. He hates his name, is not a private eye, and isn’t in fact any kind of detective at all – until he’s forced to become one by extraordinary circumstances. 

On the verge of losing his modest waterfront home to an unscrupulous developer, Ketch stumbles onto the scene of a nonviolent crime that might coincidentally expose the perpetrator of an unsolved murder and enable him to save not only his own home, but also the similarly threatened bohemian boatyard community he’s inexorably drawn into. And in case Plan A fails, he’s hard at work on a Plan B that’s both laudable and pitiable – if he can’t stop them from seizing his property and ruining what’s left of his historic town, he’s hell-bent on turning the event into a political statement, by converting his bungalow into a new and embarrassingly prominent landmark. 

His allies include a loyal dog, a salty charter boat captain, the sketchy denizens of the boatyard, and an alluring dive instructor who may or may not have a hidden agenda. With the help of this motley crew, Ketch struggles to make sense of his new reality, while trying to save some of the things that really matter along the way.


I’ve been daydreaming about being a writer for quite some time. I wrote a novel that I tried to shop to traditional publishers back in the Nineties, but it went nowhere (partly because it was admittedly not that good, now that I look back at it). But I thought I could do better, so after I retired from my previous career, I tried my hand at it again. The result was “Port Starbird” – and though I think it’s good enough to be traditionally published, I chose to initially take the indie author route. Amazon makes it easy to do that nowadays, which I greatly apreciate; I like being free from corporate control; and I like being able to express myself freely and write about a place that’s special to me – North Carolina’s Outer Banks region. If you live in OBX, or like me have been there and would rather be there right now, you might enjoy my books!

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