Movie Review: You’re Next

Did you remember to lock the door? This thriller will make sure you never forget again.

I’ll have you know, I spent the first half of this movie laughing at the characters’ poor choices, the poor acting by some members, and even how young the at least 50 year old mother appeared to be (spoiler alert: she looked about 30). The family was ridiculous and I didn’t really understand the necessity of certain parts. It started out on a high, and then went down quite a boring path. I remember turning to my friend and saying, “Okay, can someone die now?”. The second half of the movie was so filled with twists that it more than made up for the first half, and I left feeling like I finally watched a movie worthy of the money I had spent.

You’re Next is held in a woodsy area of bumfuck America as a couple gears up to celebrate their 35th anniversary with their four children and their respective partners. While sitting around at a pretty dysfunctional family dinner, arrows are shot through the window killing their daughter’s boyfriend. That’s what you’ve seen from the trailer, so in case you’ve forgetting take a look:

There didn’t appear to be much of a plot at the beginning, but I can ensure you that it gets quite interesting toward the end. This movie is being classified as a horror movie, but I would consider it more of a thriller. Nothing in it is all that scary, including the plot. There are a few moments that made me jump, but for the most part it was a lot of blood and gore. I am all about a badass female character though, and Sharni Vinson’s (Step Up 3D) Erin was definitely badass. She was one of the few likable characters as it is, and I was glad to have someone to root for. The movie was short, and definitely to the point despite some unnecessary moments here and there. I still haven’t found a movie to fill my need to be scared, but this was at least entertaining. A+

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