Theolodge releases new mixtape: YKWIR

Hip hop artist Theolodge is on the rise with the release of his much anticipated new mixtape. You’re going to want to remember his name.


Hey guys! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Theolodge for the last month, and I couldn’t wait to share his music with you guys.

Theolodge is a hip hop artist who has been blessed with the gift of music. Influenced by some of hip-hop’s elite artists such as Jay-ZLil Wayne and Kanye West, the music of Theolodge is paired with an upbeat vibe and distinctive style that’s sure to get the party started. Theolodge‘s most recent mix tape, YKWIR (You Know Who I Are), released at the end of August. You can click the album artwork below to download the album for free.

The much anticipated new mixtape from TheolodgeYKWIR, has something for everyone. Verses that showcase his lyrical prowess, catchy hooks, and beats that are perfect to party to. There’s even some songs with a laid back vibe that you can just hang out and chill to. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten one of his songs stuck in my head. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot, and it happened to our entire team pretty much every day). Leading songs are Up A Notch and The Quest, which features some dubstep if you’re into that. I’ve been out of the hip hop scene for a while now, but what Theolodge is doing is real. And that’s the kind of hip hop I like. Remember, you can head over to Hot New Hip Hop to download YKWIR now, and for free. Make sure you stay on the lookout, because you only great things are to come for Theolodge. 

Ps. check out the music video to Hold Up from one of his previous mixtapes, Who Got Next.

If you like what you hear, head on over to the official Theolodge website for more information and to hear more music. Follow Theolodge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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