One Direction Release Full Trailer For Their 3D Movie – This Is Us

The boys on the stairs might have lost the X Factor, but I think they ended up alright. Oh…. and there’s a new single?!

I woke up today to way too much information. Listen, I’m a not-so-secret One Direction fan. I love these boys, and my reasons for loving them could cause quite a lengthy conversation. I don’t know what happened. One day I was refusing to board the 1D bandwagon and the next thing you know I’m the conductor, dragging my friends along for the ride. It just happened. Like most things in this fandom. This is only relevant information because I now have to attempt to write a blog post about a lot of things that occurred today regarding One Direction, and I have to do it with a minimal amount of exclamation points. Wish me luck.

For those of you living under a rock, One Direction is the anti-boyband that took over the world. They sing wonderfully, but they can’t dance. They basically just goof off on stage for a few hours while  occasionally singing some of their songs. They have two albums out – Up All Night and Take Me Home. They have a stadium tour planned for 2014 called Where We Are……. let’s not talk about it. They’ve won a shit ton of awards, and get so many bras thrown at them that they could probably open up their own lingerie store. Now, on August 30 (at least for us in the United States) the boys are releasing a 3D “motion picture event” called This Is Us. You’ll follow the boys on tour, get to know their family, watch Liam catch a Harryand some other things that I couldn’t really pay attention to because Louis busted out on a skateboard and I was completely distracted. They released a teaser trailer on Jimmy Kimmel a few nights ago, and then today they released their full length trailer. Which, I’ll have you know, they did not warn me for and so I woke up in a complete state of confusion and feels. You must watch the trailer now, if you haven’t already.

Let’s be honest. At what point did you cry? And I know you cried. We all cried. Even if you’re a 56 year old man, I know you cried. (Looking at you Dad). Come on, spill it to me in the comments.


NOT ONLY did they release the trailer to This Is Us, but then they told us that they have a brand new single that is available for pre-order at midnight tonight (if you live in the UK), called…… wait for it….. get ready to bang your head against the wall….. BEST. SONG. EVER. Are they joking? Tell me they’re joking. Weren’t we just promised a rockier, more mature sound? It sounds like their song Up All Night mixed with Live While We’re Young. Which, if you’ve been here before, you know I really dislike LWWY. You can hear the song very briefly in the trailer towards the end. The lyrics seem to go, “We can dance all night to the best song ever” Yeah. Let’s hope this is just a single for the movie and that the album will be rockier like they promised. I’m 21, they’re all 19-21. It’s time to branch out boys. Please.

Regardless, I’ll be the first in line at midnight the night the movie comes out. I’ll be the 21 year old that looks ready to kill everyone around her, and I will most likely be alone. I could always pretend I’m just there for journalistic reasons, but I have no shame in my One Direction game. None at all. I’ll see you all there!

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