Kat Graham’s new single ‘Power’ gives me life

Kat Graham never ceases to make my ears scream with joy. Her new single, Power, is available on July 30.

UPDATE: Power is OFFICIALLY available on iTunes!! Click the image below or here to buy the song on iTunes! Join in with Kat Graham on Twitter with the hashtag #PowerOniTunes!!

I don’t think it’s a secret how much I love Kat Graham. She’s a singer, dancer, actress, AND she has a degree in recording engineering. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, she’s the hardest working female in this business. She’s also continuously the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. How can we not love her? Kat’s new single Power was released EXCLUSIVELY on Billboard today. You can stream it for free while you wait for it to release on July 30. I know, it’s torture waiting. It’s going to be worth the wait though, because the song is flawless. You can click here, or the image below to go listen to the song on Billboard. You can click here to buy the song on iTunes!

This will be put on the summer jamsplaylist as soon as I can buy it. In the mean time, I will have Billboard bookmarked on my phone, iPad, computer, friend’s computers, etc because I’m going to want to listen to it at least 4 times an hour. …. ….. I’m not exaggerating. It’s that good. This is such a fierce and empowering song. I just want to snap my fingers, flip my hair and sashay away. While the lyrics talk about a “you”, it’s all about the power inside. With lyrics like “throwing all the pages of the past out the window” and talks of sitting on a throne and being beautiful and indestructible, what’s not to love?

While I’m terribly sad that Bonnie Bennett has died on Vampire Diaries, I’m really hoping this means even more music from Kat. She hasn’t released one song that I haven’t loved, and that’s saying a lot. Even my ultimate queen Christina Aguilera has a few songs here and there that make me want to roll my eyes. I won’t though. Never. She’s the queen.

You guys can go follow Kat on Twitter, ‘like’ her on Facebook and go buy Power on July 23!! If you don’t I’m going to come for you. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you all I’m sure. You can join in on the conversation on Twitter by using the following hashtags: #Power, #PowerParty, and #KatPower.

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