Bruno, Christina, 1D, Rihanna, Taylor, Ke$ha – Who has the best new single?

Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, One Direction, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Ke$ha all released new singles. Which single came out on top?

It’s that time again! New singles for all our favorite pop stars! Both Bruno and 1D released their singles on October 1, 2012, so the jury is still out on how each track will do on the Billboard charts next week. The females, on the other hand, have had their songs out for a week or so now. So which track is the best?

Christina released her new single Your Body on September 17th, and it debuted on the Billboard top 100 at number 34 last week. This week she has dropped down to number 64. This is the first single off her new album entitled Lotus that is set to release on November 13th. The song, whose official music video you can see below, gives me some Stripped nostalgia, and definitely in a good way. The song is very reminiscent of her sound from 2002, just a bit more club infused, and it’s all about, well, wanting to love another person’s body. Get it girl.

Ke$ha returned from her mini-hiatus with her new single Die Young on September 25th, which is off her new album Warrior which has a planned release date of December 4th. The single debuted on Billboard this week at number 13. I am a huge Kesha fan, and I feel like I was one of the only person that noticed her garbage-bag-draped frame on our award show red carpets. Boy did I miss her, and I’m not disappointed now that she’s back. The song is catchy as hell, and I really love it. However, it’s nothing special nor is it anything different from any of her other songs. You can check out the official lyric video for the single below.

Taylor Swift debuted her second single, Begin Again, off her new album Red on September 25th. I have a love/dislike relationship with Taylor Swift and her music. I typically like her music for a few weeks, and then it gets overplayed, and starts to grate on my nerves. This song was actually the opposite. The first few times I heard the song I was not about it at all. I thought it was kind of boring, and so typical of her (like most of her music) and I was very quick to call it the worst of all the new singles. However, the more I listen to it the more it grew on me. It’s still not my favorite, but it has a nice sound to it and her voice sounds great. I think it was a good choice as a second single as opposed to a first single. Her album comes out October 22nd.

Rihanna was next to release her single, Diamonds, on September 27th. It’ll be featured on her newest album, Seven, which is coincidentally her seventh studio album. She debuted this week at number 16, but I have a feeling she’s going to move up higher on the charts. This song, in my opinion, was such a breath of fresh air from Rihanna. I like her and her music much more when she sings a bit slower and really lets us hear her voice. This song is beautifully done, and it still has a great rhythm to it that you’d expect from a Rihanna song. I’m looking forward to her album release on November 19th.

The boys followed up with their respective singles this week, both being released on October 1st. They’ll debut on the Billboard top 100 chart next week. Knowing Bruno and One Direction, I’m sure they’ll both be sitting quite high up on the list. One Direction’s fans have been looking forward to this release for months, and I know I have been anticipating new music from Bruno for quite some time. You can check out Bruno’s song Locked Out Of Heaven and One Direction’s official music video for their single Live While We’re Young below:

This was not what I was expecting from Bruno’s newest single, but I like it. It actually kind of reminds me of a song from the 80’s or something, but that’s mostly just because of all the grunts throughout the song. The chorus is very Bruno Mars, and he sounds fantastic. I like the beat, even though the grunts do get a bit old after a while. Though, I suppose that might be part of why I love the song so much. God, I’m so bi-polar with this song.

Unpopular opinion? Possibly. I don’t love the new 1D single. I mean, it’s incredibly catchy and all, but it’s so…. meh. It’s identical to most of their other music, which I know happens for boy bands. Trust me. I don’t even necessarily dislike it, it’s just not something that’s going to become a guilty pleasure for me like What Makes You Beautiful. Or even One Thing for that matter. I also can’t help but get really annoyed by songs that repeat words. See also: We are never ever ever getting back together. No, we’re not. Especially if you keep repeating yourself. The boys do sound great in the song, so there’s that. Sidenote: Get some, huh? I mean…. I suppose you do all have needs. Clearly Zayn believes in getting some and living while he’s young since there was that whole cheating scandal. I’m sorry, two cheating scandals. Oopsies.

Wait…. what?! Is that…. oh my god it is! It’s a third single from Taylor Swift!! 

Taylor released her third single, Red, on October 2nd which shares its name with her album title. You can take a listen below:

Like I said, I have a love/dislike relationship with Taylor and her music. I find that a lot of it is very similar to all of her other music. She writes about breakups, all of which seem to end the same way. Yet there’s something therapeutic almost about listening to her music, and while it drives me crazy at times, I still listen. This was one of her better breakup songs, and as usual, she doesn’t hold back. There is no doubt to me that this song is going to debut high on the Billboard charts.

So what does iTunes have to say about the singles?

So which single was the best? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I don’t think the charts (Billboard, iTunes or otherwise) accurately represent which song is actually best. What the charts do show, is who had the most amount of fans buying the singles. So let’s break it down.

While I am probably the biggest Christina Aguilera fan on the planet (or at least close) I have to say, the best single was Rihanna’s Diamonds. I would probably rank Bruno as having the second best single, and then Christina with having the third best single. I think all three artists stayed true to themselves, but also drifted outside of the box a bit, and that’s what I love most about music. When the musicians act like artists. I’d say next would be Kesha’s Die Young, followed by Taylor’s Red. Then One Direction’s Live While We’re Young. Taylor’s second single Begin Again would finish up my list.

So what did you guys think? Who had the best single over the last two weeks? Vote in our poll below, and rank them all in the comments section.

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