Awesome Music Alert – Ginny Blackmore

New Zealand native, and singer-songwriter, Ginny Blackmore is currently making my ears happy.

Ginny Blackmore 'Hello World'

I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life not having Ginny Blackmore in it. All I know is I just heard her new song, Hello World, approximately 5 minutes ago and knew that I had to blog about her immediately. Here’s what happened. I’m listening to the new Fifth Harmony single (which I will be bringing to you all tomorrow morning!) and all of a sudden a new song starts playing right after. Normally I hate when Vevo does that, but this time it gave me a gift in the form of a New Zealand singer-songwriter! Check out the song:

According to YouTube I’m only a month and a half late on this song, which made me feel better until I realized this is not her first single. Where has she been hiding all my life? I feel like I am severely slacking on finding new music, and that makes me really sad. Her voice is really beautiful, and Hello World is just such a feel-good song. It’s going on my ‘Summer Jams’ playlist immediately!!

Make sure you check out her other song, Bones, too! You can see her music video below. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, too!

UPDATE: We all know that Christina Aguilera is my all time queen and that I stan hard for her. Today I was searching for Ginny Blackmore in my iTunes while getting ready to create my summer jams playlist for you all. In doing so, I noticed a Christina song came up. It was Sing For Me, which is one of my favorite songs off her Lotus album. Turns out Ginny was lised as one of the composers (meaning she co-wrote it). Fun fact for you all! You can hear Ginny’s demo version below, and I’ll post Christina’s version too so you can hear the lyric changes. SFM was one of my favorite songs on the album. Love!

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