Album Review: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’ – Guest Blog

Lotus‘ is Christina Aguilera’s seventh studio album, featuring two duets with her fellow Voice coaches Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. This review is a guest blog.

I’d like to thank Candace Sykes from Back To The Music for guest blogging for me. It’s not secret that Christina Aguilera is my queen, and I felt that I would be far too biased to give you guys an accurate review of her newest album Lotus. After reading several of her reviews on her blog, I felt like Candace would be a great guest blogger to do the review:

I still remember the first time I heard Christina Aguilera. I was walking around a mall with my cousin (dangerously without our parents behind us) and all of a sudden my cousin started singing along with the radio that was playing in the background. “Haven’t you heard this song?!” she said when she realized I wasn’t dancing to the beat along with her. That evening, at our sleepover, she put the Genie in a Bottle single in her cassette player. I was sold.

That album was one of the first CDs I purchased (right after Michael Jackson, BSB, and Britney Spears). Though Britney has always been my queen, I never disliked Christina. Many of the songs on her first two albums would go on the soundtrack to my adolescence if I had to make one. I’ve been rooting for her in the past couple of years when things have been going so terribly wrong. I’m really hoping Lotus will be that jumping point that she needs.

Lotus Intro is intriguing enough to make you wonder what’s coming next. It’s kind of a funky vibe – maybe if the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland came into the studio to do something with Xtina. There’s also a nice voice over that not enough people take advantage of nowadays. This bleeds directly into Army of Me. This song is the perfect song for her to lead with – it’s all about redemption, rising up, etc, etc. It’s also got a nice beat that’s not dancey enough to sample something like Rihanna, but taking a nice middle ground in a world where everything is either gyratingly fast or painstakingly slow.

Make the World Move may end up being one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s hard to say four songs in, but this song is exactly what I’ve said Christina has needed to do all along: meaningful lyrics, slightly upbeat, but still enough to show off her incredible vocals. Somewhere along the line, she got lost with trying to keep up with all the trends instead of embracing what she brings to the game – which are vocals that are unparalleled by most (if not all) in the game today.

I’m so obsessed with Your Body. This doesn’t even need describing. It already has nine plays on my iTunes.

Sing for Me is an incredible display of Christina’s true talents. This is such a gorgeous song that will induce chill bumps if you have a pulse.

As far as upbeat tracks, Around the World really steals the scene for me. It’s got amazing drum beats in it and Christina talking in different languages.

Just a Fool combines Christina’s beautiful voice with Blake Shelton’s, her co-star on NBC’s The Voice. This song is less country and more alternative rock sounding. I wasn’t sure what their voices would sound like together, but I think I enjoy them both enough as individual artists that this is just like an explosion.

Light Up the Sky is such a great way to end the (deluxe edition of the) album. This song is just barely past slow with a light piano accenting Christina’s voice. She really shows the full range of her gorgeous voice on this song. Now we have wings, we can fly; we can be kings you and I.

Guys, I think Christina is back. I couldn’t even get all the way through her last album. To be honest, I’m not sure when the last time was that I tried to get through one of her new albums. Some of the tracks on Lotus are touch and go, but overall – this is a really solid album from Christina. Bravo to her for this one!

Key Tracks:
Make the World Move ft. Cee Lo Green (Track 4)
Sing For Me (Track 7)
Just a Fool ft. Blake Shelton (Track 13)

Thanks again to Candace for writing up this review! As for my completely biased thoughts, I really love this album. I wasn’t a huge fan of her last one (Bionic) and while I really loved Back To Basics, it didn’t leave me with the same feelings that Stripped did. Lotus, in my opinion, is the closest she’s gotten to the emotional impact that Stripped left, and I am so so so glad. I’ll be doing a post next week with some of my favorite lyrics from Lotus. In the mean time:

Rae’s Favorite Tracks:
Best of Me (Track 12)
Light Up The Sky (Track 14 – Deluxe Edition)

You can listen to all of Christina’s songs from Lotus on her Vevo (along with the meaning behind each song), and can purchase the new album in stores or on iTunes now.

Don’t forget to go show Candace some lover at her blog. You can follow her on twitter @candacesykes.

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