Justin Timberlake releases video for Suit & Tie, and new single ‘Mirrors’

Between two Grammy performances, a new music video, and another new single, I think it’s sage to say that Justin Timberlake has more than brought sexy back. He’s bringing music back.

Woo! Justin Timberlake is on fire lately. As I’ve mentioned before, Justin recently released his first song (Suit & Tie) after a long hiatus, and he hasn’t stopped. I‘m really loving that Justin seems to realize that he’s already made his fans wait a really long time for new music, so instead of announcing his new album, The 20/20 Experience, months ago to hype it up, he’s giving us all everything we want. And quickly. This past Sunday JT performed at the Grammys, twice. Then he announced you can pre-order the new album through Target and get two exclusive tracks. Then, that same night, he released his NEWEST single ‘Mirrors’which you can purchase on iTunes. Just three days later, and the official music video for Suit & Tie is released. Check it out.

Someone grab me a towel so I can mop up all the drool. Please tell me I’m not the only female that got a little hot & bothered watching that? I mean, I pretty much float on clouds regarding anything Justin does, but he looks goooooood. It’s hard not to picture him as a child when he’s in a suit and his hair is slicked back and it’s all in black and white. Very 40’s. Reminds me of when Christina Aguilera went old school for Back To Basics. I like it.

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments, as always.

Oh, and PS > I really love Justin’s commercial for Target so I’m going to share it with you all. Can we also discuss how prominent his wedding ring is in that one shot? Our little Justin is all grown up!!!

I agree, verrrrry exciting!

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