Justin Timberlake releases new single ‘Suit & Tie’ with Jay-Z

The long wait is finally over, Justin Timberlake has finally released new music!

No one can call Justin Timberlake a pleasure delayer. Earlier this week I reported that Justin had teased that new music was coming, and he included a countdown on his website. If I’m going to be completely honest (when am I not?), I genuinely thought the countdown was going to be for a new teaser. Never in a million years did I actually think he would release new music so quickly, and I was so wrong!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 11.17.32 PM

It’s been over 6 years now, but Justin’s new song, featuring Jay-Z,  is here! It’s called Suit & Tie and is currently available for purchase on iTunes for $1.29. You can buy the new single by clicking here. The song is not what I had expected, but pleasant nonetheless. It has kind of a jazzy feel to it, with the signature pop/R&B style that Justin brings to all of his music, and of course that falsetto we all love. Then, out of nowhere, Jay-Z pops up. Okay, not that out of nowhere since it definitely says ‘featuring Jay-Z‘. What I mean is that I wouldn’t have expected a song like this to have a rap in it, and I’m still trying to figure out what the rap has to do with anything. Either way, I like it. I’m currently listening to the song, and on my fourth play so far, and I am liking it more and more each time it replays. I can’t wait to hear what else Justin releases this year!

Again, if you want to buy Justin’s new single, you can do so on iTunes, by clicking here!

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